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Here I am finding my way through uncharted waters.

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Fell off the wagon already.

So much for blogging every day this month.

There have been things I thought to write about and then seem to forget and not find the time.

Today I was gifted with the day off. It did not go as I had planned. I did not accomplish all I wanted to. But I did not have to go to work. That was wonderful.

The hubs and I went on a movie date. We so rarely get to do that and pretty much never make a matinee anymore. Definitely an older crowd this morning, but nice to be able to go and watch a movie and just spend some time together.

Life has been  in wack-a-mole mode and I feel like I’m the mole. No fun. With all the car issues we’ve been having (yesterday the truck started acting funny and today the check engine light came on) and the weather change today I felt like Eeyore most of the day.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow can be relatively uneventful.

Finished Home Alone with the kids. They really enjoyed it. It has been fun to watch movies I liked when I was younger with them and have them like them too. Also interesting to talk to them about how things are different now with technology having changed so much in the last 20 years.

Started the last week in my 21 Day Fix today as well. So far so good. Here’s to finishing strong and then getting started with P90. Happy the hubs is joining me (he started P90 today) and we can cheer each other on and encourage each other.

How’s that for random.


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Think we can be done now.

Two accidents in 8 days. I think that’s plenty.

We can be done now for a few years right?

Praise God we are all safe and neither of the accidents were serious enough to cause much damage.

I’m sure I’ll betaking the car in again this Friday for an estimate and I wish they could fix it while we are gone to Disneyland for Thanksgiving. Maybe they can, I’m not sure how many of the days that week they are closed. At the very least it might mean I only have to be driving the rental for a week. Who knows though. With this new damage it might take longer than the initial seven day estimate.

Of course tomorrow is a Full Moon. Crazy people been on the road lately.


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Sweet boy moment.

The boy never showed us his story last year. The one they work on and take to the Young Writer’s Conference.

Somehow, the story surfaced tonight.

After a frustrating day at work it was just what I needed.

His story was about the time he and I went on a ropes course on top of Vail mountain. Something I initially didn’t want to do, but he was too young (and too short, to go by himself. So I went.

We had a fun time together and it was really neat to read his story from his perspective.

Love that boy!

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Thankful Thursday.

Today I’m thankful …
… the kids are old enough to help pack.
… and fight over helping to unload the dishwasher among other sibling squabbles.
… the hubby made it back from work in time to go to the recital.
… that we got a parking spot in the lot at the recital, in fact we were EARLY! That never happens.
… that the kids did a wonderful job with their songs, practice helped them both rock it!
… that I didn’t forget where my hands needed to be and was able to play my song without screwing it up! Even had a couple people tell me they liked my song and my teacher told me I did a good job too.
… that we have a lot packed and there isn’t too much still to do before I can get some sleep since tomorrow morning is going to be kinda early.
… that we have two whole weeks to spend together as a family!!

What are you thankful for today?

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Who knew landscaping work was so expensive. I mean crazy expensive. I realize we have some issues most homeowners do not, mainly the retaining walls which of course are rotting and ugly and not completely doing their job in some places. We also have a pretty massive back yard.

I would like to fix my kitchen. Aside from keeping some appliances the kitchen pretty much needs to be gutted, new cabinets, some boards replaced in the wood floor, new counter tops and back splash. Hardwood extended into the dining room (who leaves carpet in a dining room?) and maybe a new pantry area.

When I could most likely do my kitchen for significantly less than the backyard … The landscaping is expensive.

Our first quote made me cry. Give up. Frustrated me.

We had a second person come look. My MIL had her stroke before we got that quote but I got the same impression that it’d be a crap-ton of Cleveland’s.

Found a guy in our neighborhood who does landscape design, had him come look and did not get the impression he could handle the project. Or at least not in a way to make me confident or comfortable trusting him. He is retired so he contracts things with others, making estimates and costs potentially INSANE and unmanageable because it’s with so many different people. With all the things we need done his solution was to pull out my loathsome bushes and “start there” … What next? Who knows. That scares me more than the overall cost of the retaining walls. Which he seemed to avoid altogether.

That was Monday. I decided to finally call the grandfather of one of the students at my school. I’d heard good things about the work he’s done shortly after moving into our home but never called because we always knew it would be expensive, just not the magnitude of expense we are discovering. I’ve had his number in my phone for a year and a half and even back in March wanted to call but just never had the time.

He came this morning and brought his “wall guy” and we talked about what we wanted (no more decrepit wood walls, no more weeds and awful bushes on the top tier, can take or leave the “planter boxes”, possible sprinkler system fixes that makes sense to take care of) and things we were hoping for (easy maintenance for my black thumb, play area for the kids) I made it clear that they are the ones who know what they are doing and I trust them to make it look good.

Meeting these professionals just felt right. Hard to explain that. It seemed like when we met this was who we should have do the work. When we were walking around outside he talked about giving us separate bids for each part of the project. He got that we can’t just drop $40,000 at once on the project to get it all done at once. I know they took measurements and will be emailing bids to me later, and I’m praying that these are doable for us, that we can get started maybe this fall and do another step next spring. That maybe my kitchen doesn’t have to be put off too much longer.

For the first time since we had that first meeting and quote I’m hopeful.
Pictures of the yard right now … Hoping we can go from the top down and then out to the sides. Thankful the south neighbors are willing to help with the fence that borders our properties, that will be huge! Oh, and maybe we can get the cable buried too, wouldn’t that be nice.

The middle tier in our yard and a close up of some of the bushes and stuff that's overgrown.

The middle tier in our yard and a close up of some of the bushes and stuff that’s overgrown.

Mostly what the yard looks like, the middle and sides.

Mostly what the yard looks like, the middle and sides.

The uppermost tier and the broken fences, all the weeds. The one tree or bush I like is the reddish purple one.

The uppermost tier and the broken fences, all the weeds. The one tree or bush I like is the reddish purple one.

The sides of the yard. More fence issues because apparently when the north neighbors redid their fence the previous owner did not follow suit.

The sides of the yard. More fence issues because apparently when the north neighbors redid their fence the previous owner did not follow suit.

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Thankful Thursday.

Just because I need to …
I’m thankful for

  • The hubs. He works so hard for our family and despite the frustration with the traffic that so often keeps him from seeing us much during the workdays I’m thankful for the business he has worked so hard to keep growing and building.
  • The girl. Seeing her play and interact with her toys and create games and fun with stuffed animals or toys she rediscovers is precious. Watching her care for her dolls is like a little glimpse into her as a mom someday. She is growing so fast it’s hard not to miss the tiny little girl we brought home from the hospital.
  • The boy. He has really blossomed this year at Camp Invention and it’s neat to hear all of his adventures throughout the day. I love seeing him care and have compassion. Seeing him get so into something his whole world centers around it for a few days. His passion for building and learning how things work.
  • Our church. We haven’t been there much since my mother-in-law had the stroke, but knowing there are people praying for us and walking through this with us has been a huge blessing.
  • Oh yeah, summer rides in a convertible. Always puts a smile on my face.

I’m sure there’s more I could add but I’m needing to change the wash (thankful for my washer and dryer!) and do a few other things before we head off to pick up the boy from camp.