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Here I am finding my way through uncharted waters.

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Almost Eight. Almost.

Today was the second day to celebrate the boy turning eight. Which doesn’t officially happen till Wednesday but mid-week celebrations aren’t the easiest to orchestrate.

I’m terrible at long term planning but we got the invites out at the end of the school year, earlier in fact than we did last year. I even remembered to get out a reminder email since lots of things get misplaced in the end of the year chaos. We even ended up with a few RSVPs. And I remembered to at least message a few friends about the party since the invites never quite made it to church with us.

Yesterday we celebrated with nana and papa. Took up some ninja turtle plates and napkins and how to train your dragon cupcakes. He came home with some Lego loot. Was great to see nana and papa and spend the day together despite the long drive.

This year we did our best to keep the friend party simple. Made it after lunch, before dinner, outside. Thankfully when I remembered to ask my awesomely creative friend Natalie to come face paint and do a mini magic show she was still available so we had some good entertainment for the kids (which the adults used as chat time!) we had the squirt guns out and some kids brought gifts of more squirt guns and water balloons. So we had lots of water fun, just like last year. Some of the face paint even made it through the festivities unscathed.

LayoutThe magic part of the day was fun.
Kids learned some fun tricks and the parents got to sit and chat uninterrupted for 40 minutes.

I had one kid tell me they had fun and others you could tell were enjoying the afternoon. All in all it was a good way to ring in turning eight.

One more celebration on the horizon. Wednesday on the actual day we are going to a screening of two IMAX movies at the museum with movie snacks included. Pretty neat that the event fell on his birthday.

Cool things about having an eight year old:
No more car seats.
He’s still a little kid but he’s also pretty independent.
Third grade is my favorite.
You can have some pretty neat conversations.
That reasoning piece is starting to help him make better decisions and think about what-might-happen-if.
He can really do a lot to be helpful around the house (and sometimes even wants to).

When it was all over I even had the opportunity to take one of my good friends for a ride in Sapphire. Having a convertible is just so much fun.


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moving in

I love our new neighborhood.
Driving to our new home just feels right, perfect actually.

A friend helped me get a few things packed and moved over this morning and after nap time the kids and I went back over with another load and unpacked several boxes so we could use them again.

So much fun to start putting dishes and small appliances away in the cabinets. Makes it seem all the more real that it’s our house and we really are moving in soon. Ten days soon!

We also unpacked a large chunk of our DVDs. The boy thought I was looney alphabetizing them but whatever. When you have several hundred it just makes sense. Wonder of wonders we even still have plenty of room for the others we didn’t pack that are still at the condo. Yay for built in bookshelves around the fireplace … and the best thing ever, more SPACE.

After all that I took the kids to Tokyo Joe’s for dinner. We were all hungry and my sushi and their mac were just what we needed to refuel.

Now that the laundry is folded I’m pretty much toast.

Hoping I have the energy to paint tomorrow!

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weekend’s here!

I made it through another week. Things at work are calming down, but I’m still struggling some to stay organized and on top of my caseload and IEP prep.

Even tower when my mind is elsewhere.

I would rather be at our house or packing things to move over there.
Seems there’s plenty to do and when I can’t be productive I’m making mental lists and thinking about what I’m not getting done.

But now I have three days ahead that should be very productive.
Tomorrow after the gym I hope to start prepping for painting Sunday afternoon.
To take some more of the kids stuff over so we don’t have to worry about boxing up stuffed animals.
And we will see if anything else gets done between the girl’s nap time and picking the boy up and heading to my chiropractor.

Saturday I’ll have some help packing and shuttling a few things over to the house and will have to finish whatever painting prep I didn’t get done Friday.

Sunday church and painting.

By the end of the weekend our moving date will be just over a week away.
Keeping busy sure does help the time fly by!

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something awesome about a friday

Yet another busy day.
Today is Friday.
I made a cake.
Not just any cake, a red velvet cake. One of my favorites.
The round cakes came perfectly out of the pans (thanks to the most awesome cooking spray with flour!)

That so rarely happens.

Tonight is Bible study and we are hosting. Hopefully we can cram everyone in ok and the rest of the cake turns out fine. I am always so paranoid about my baking. Especially cakes.

Bought some flowers for my hubby when I was at the store getting some milk. I hope he likes them. I have been a bit of an awful cranky wife lately and he is always so supportive amidst my drama.

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Father’s Day

Ok, so it’s Friday and I’m finally getting to this. All the pictures, and a couple videos of my little ones are on Flickr. Too much drama to put them here 😦 I like the way the whole post looks better at my other blog.

Father’s Day started off at church, where we dedicated our precious baby girl. I’ve always liked how our church does baby/child dedications. After being called up to the stage parents read a statement of dedication, hand the child to the pastor who prays for the family and the child, the church recites a statement/commitment to partner with the family and then dads walk the child around the sanctuary while everyone sings Jesus Loves You. I’m usually in tears every time and barely held it together with both of my kids … only because Andy does the reading of the statement!

When Stephan was dedicated our pastor did the prayer. We loved that way back he’d been Andy’s parents youth pastor and had also prayed at their wedding. He has recently retired, so we asked our friend, who happens to be the children’s pastor to do the ceremony.

Here’s our dedication statement. The only thing we changed from Stephan’s was the first part.

Violette’s Dedication Statement

Violette, we are so blessed that God has given you to us.  Through your joyful heart and incessant smiles we have seen God remind us and others that He is our hope and joy and that his plan is perfect.  We are amazed that already He has used you to encourage us and those around you, and we cannot wait to see His plan for you unfold.

As with your brother before you we pray that you will love the Lord as your family has for generations before you. We promise to raise you in a home where the Lord is first, and to model as best we can a life of service to Him. We promise to pray for you daily, and we will always love you more then you may understand.

Like the Bible says in Proverbs 3:5 and 6, may you always “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

In case you are curious, here’s the beginning of Stephan’s: Stephan, we are so blessed that God has given you to us. We are thankful for your joyful and happy heart and how we can already see that God has given you a gift to reach out to everyone you meet and bring them joy as well.

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crazy week


I’m thankful this week is done and has ended well … though some in the middle wasn’t very pretty.

Tuesday I got great news. When I went to talk with my principal about the “professional development” day next Tuesday he said I could just stay home and take the day off. I wanted to kiss him, or at the very least give him a big hug. I did neither, but am grateful for another day to rest … and Stephan will still head to school so I’ll have the day to myself. Hooray!!

Unfortunately, the kid did not nap at preschool and was a HUGE MESS once we got home. Nonstop crying and inconsolable. If he’d stop for a few minutes, simply blinking at him might trigger more tears. After and hour I was a mess and not in a good space after all the tears and a long day at work. After a big fight with the hubby and a tearful drive through the neighborhood, we finally all settled down.

Today we had yet another OB appt. I was pretty nervous since this is when I was put on bed-rest with Stephan. Thankfully, the BP medication is doing it’s thing and baby is fabulous (hear-rate good, fluid just right, placenta healthy, head down, all the good stuff). Stephan refers to baby as “she” and says we are having a “gril” and said as much to the doctor. She then proceeds to do an ultrasound to make sure baby’s head is down. At one point she says something like, “looks like a girl” and I’m not sure if that was just in reference to how baby’s face looked or if she actually looked. I’m still assuming there’s a boy in there, I in no way want to set myself up that baby really is a girl and then be disappointed if baby really is a boy (even if we officially found out I’d probably still think that way just in case). Though I have started to refer to baby as “she” myself because Stephan does so much. Four more weeks and we’ll know!

Here’s the latest ultrasound pics and one of me this past Sunday after getting all dressed up for Legally Blonde with the hubby.

36wk face, fist
36wk face, fist

36wk face
36wk face

35wk dress up bump
35wk dress up bump

While I’m excited to meet baby and all, I’m freaking nervous about the whole process of bringing home a newborn and losing sleep and being a cranky, crabby mess. I don’t do well on no sleep. Time will tell, I need to work on being positive and thinking positive thoughts!

One more thing, pray for my friend Paula. She’s due mid April, but is currently in the hospital with preeclampsia. They have given the baby steroids to stimulate lung development and she will most likely deliver the baby soon. Scary.

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good idea, bad idea

Taking a nod from something I do on my other blog … here are the things I loved about our camping trip, and the few things that I very much did not.


  • Time spent with friends. We go to know each other better and really enjoyed hanging out without a bunch of other distractions.
  • Good food. Like Natalie says, everything tastes better when you are camping!
  • Beautiful scenery. God created a wonderful world for us to enjoy, and we were up in the mountains with gorgeous views, even at night due to the mostly full moon and stars.
  • While we had some tense moments, Stephan really did a great job listening to us and staying close by. He’s getting to be such a big boy.
  • I remembered my Tylenol PM and took my iPod, so I got some sleep (though it had to be in the car).
  • A willing hubby. This is probably the biggest thing for me. I know he didn’t really want to go, but was willing to give it a try because I was excited about it.


  • This is sort of both I guess. We were very thankful to have some borrowed gear, a tent and an air mattress and sleeping bag … however, somehow, wires got crossed and we’d thought it was an 8-person tent and a queen sized air mattress. When we got the tent up we realized it was significantly smaller but workable. The mattress though was a twin. No way Andy and I were going to fit on that sucker. The sleeping bag wasn’t as big as we’d thought either, and we didn’t bring any extra blankets or our other camprest mat.
  • Our friends were awesome and let us use their kids’ queen mattress, and they used our twin, but we didn’t have extra blankets or another sleeping bag, and it was super cold (and that mattress kept leaking air). We were freezing. Stephan was ok, because he had his own bag and camprest. Our friends did come by and give us a few extra blankets they had in their car and suggested we sleep with hoodies. That’s when I remembered I had my hooded down jacket in the car!
  • Stephan woke up a few times screaming and I ended up sleeping in the car while he snuggled daddie. At least we all got a few hours of sleep.
  • You pee A LOT while preggo and it’s not so fun to have to go squat in the woods or walk to a smelly outdoor potty. Really unfun when it’s nighttime and cold and you want to be sleeping.
  • Stephan woke up just before 6am, not getting much sleep.
  • My car died while we were up there. Not entirely unexpected, but we didn’t have time to replace the battery before we left. At least we have cables in the back of the car!

While my loathe list seems quite long, we really did have a lot of fun and enjoyed the outdoors. We also learned some about what we want in our own equipment next time we go camping, and what we’d like in a campsite/ground. Really, the only thing we thought sucked was the whole going-to-sleep-nighttime part, the rest was great. Andy has even said that he’d be willing to go again, which is HUGE! Next time, we’ll do the sleeping thing a bit differently (and remember lots of extra blankets just in case), but at least this time we learned how to do things better next time! You live, you learn right?

I’m a bit bummed we weren’t able to stay up there tonight too, but I did not want a repeat of the night before and knew I needed my rest, we all do. I also feel bad about leaving our friends up there though they are seasoned campers and will enjoy the rest of their time up there.

One last thing. Last night, we were chilly and tired and crabby, but I prayed for us and then Stephan prayed after me … “Dear God, thank you for camping … Amen.” That was so sweet. He really had fun, and did not want to come home. He’s still asking where our friends are knowing we left them up there.

We’ll just have to go again, though probably not for a year or two with the baby coming.