The Life & Times of Mommiehood

Here I am finding my way through uncharted waters.

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I never have much time but have several coloring books. The latest coloring book with several of the names of God used throughout the Bible.

Since I’ve never really studied all the different names I figured this coloring book would be a good time to start. With my mom’s help I found a Bible study on the names of God and dove in today.

The first name in my coloring book and the study:


From the study: “When we pray to Elohim, we remember that he is the one who began it all, creating the heavens and the earth and separating light from darkness, water from dry land, night from day. This ancient name for God contains the idea of God’s creative power as well as his authority and sovereignty.”
This world is a hot mess much of the time. Humans have not played nice and continue to screw up what God created in many different ways. Yet he created us anyway. Knowing all our faults God created us, sent his son to die for us so we could be redeemed and draws us to himself through his creation. In Genesis he says his creation is good. Multiple times. Living in CO I get to experience some wonderful pieces to God’s creation. Mountains. Rivers. Hills. Sunshine. Wild flowers. Aspen tress. So many beautiful things that point toward him and give him glory.

I may not always be the best reflection of God, despite being made in his image, but sure do try. One of the questions in the Bible study was this: “Since God made us in his image, he has instilled in us creative power. What are your creative gifts?” I don’t really see myself as creative. I do like to write and of course the coloring. Once in a while I get pintresty. But overall it’s not really how I’d describe myself. Interesting to realize that the side of me that is creative comes from God. He created me like him and he created literally everything. Maybe that is one of the reasons I find joy when I tap into my creativity, it’s a way to be closer to God and understand him a little better.


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Happiest Place on Earth.

What a crazy week. We had a lot of fun. Walked 50 miles. Spent loads of time together. Saw lots of characters. Rode many rides. All in all we had a blast.

A couple highlights …

The girl getting all decked out as Elsa at the Bippity Boppity Boutique. She remembered doing this last time and was excited to become Queen Elsa for the day. To top it all off we went and met Queen Elsa and Princess Anna at the end of the day.

Photo0005FourBySix Photo0012FourBySix Photo0020FourBySix

I will try and post more pictures later, our Internets don’t seem to want to cooperate right now.

A highlight from Tuesday was the Princess lunch at Ariel’s Grotto. This time we were able to meet Tiana and Tangled and Princess Minnie in addition to Ariel and Belle. We’ve seen Rapunzle from a distance but not up close and have only seen Tiana singing in California Adventure.

Wednesday we spent a few hours in the park before nap time and then met some friends for dinner and Big Hero 6. Fun to see friends from college and the movie was really great.

The highlight from Thursday was meeting Baymax and Hiro. Not to be outdone by AMAZING seats for Worlds of Color after a tasty dinner. We also ate corn and turkey legs as a homage to Thanksgiving and saw a bunch of characters in both parks, including a special run-in with the Fairy Godmother.

By Friday we were all WIPED and the girl was not wanting to walk around anymore (in hindsight we should have rented a stroller for her, but it’s so much easier without one!) … but we had a good day, got some last minute souvenirs, and watched the Disneyland fireworks from our hotel pool deck before being totally ready to head home the next day.

Saturday morning we ate breakfast in the hotel with Mickey and his pals, packed, wandered around Downtown Disney one last time and headed to the airport.

Long week and we were all ready to be home.

Thankful for our adventures and ready to see where next Thanksgiving takes us!

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Why not?

So I was thinking we should buy another new car this year.

Not really but it looks like we will anyway.

The hubby needs a reliable car with all this driving and after the fun today of him shuttling us all to and from work/school/preschool since we only have one car that functions in the snow we will be starting the car shopping process again.


Just another thing to add to the most wonderful end to October and beginning of November.

Is it time for Disneyland yet?

10 more sleeps till we go to our happy place!!!

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Fell off the wagon already.

So much for blogging every day this month.

There have been things I thought to write about and then seem to forget and not find the time.

Today I was gifted with the day off. It did not go as I had planned. I did not accomplish all I wanted to. But I did not have to go to work. That was wonderful.

The hubs and I went on a movie date. We so rarely get to do that and pretty much never make a matinee anymore. Definitely an older crowd this morning, but nice to be able to go and watch a movie and just spend some time together.

Life has been  in wack-a-mole mode and I feel like I’m the mole. No fun. With all the car issues we’ve been having (yesterday the truck started acting funny and today the check engine light came on) and the weather change today I felt like Eeyore most of the day.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow can be relatively uneventful.

Finished Home Alone with the kids. They really enjoyed it. It has been fun to watch movies I liked when I was younger with them and have them like them too. Also interesting to talk to them about how things are different now with technology having changed so much in the last 20 years.

Started the last week in my 21 Day Fix today as well. So far so good. Here’s to finishing strong and then getting started with P90. Happy the hubs is joining me (he started P90 today) and we can cheer each other on and encourage each other.

How’s that for random.

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Think we can be done now.

Two accidents in 8 days. I think that’s plenty.

We can be done now for a few years right?

Praise God we are all safe and neither of the accidents were serious enough to cause much damage.

I’m sure I’ll betaking the car in again this Friday for an estimate and I wish they could fix it while we are gone to Disneyland for Thanksgiving. Maybe they can, I’m not sure how many of the days that week they are closed. At the very least it might mean I only have to be driving the rental for a week. Who knows though. With this new damage it might take longer than the initial seven day estimate.

Of course tomorrow is a Full Moon. Crazy people been on the road lately.


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mmm coconut.

I’ve always liked most anything coconut. Especially the smell.

Bought coconut oil spray for the girl’s hair. Coconut oil shampoo for her hair (which has been amazing for her hair too!) … maybe it makes me think of the beach and helps me relax or something.

This whole eating plan has been crazy but I’m getting used to eating better. Finally bought the ginormous vat of extra virgin coconut oil from Sam’s Club and have been learning to use it when cooking. I’m allowed six teaspoons of good fats every day and since I’m not always cooking with them I usually end up sucking on a few teaspoons of peanut butter or almond butter. At least I like those, wouldn’t want to do the same with olive oil.

Back to the coconut oil. Like olive oil I can’t just eat it plain. So tonight with my vanilla protein + unsweetened vanilla almond milk shake I decided to try adding one of the butters. Wasn’t sure about that though and then I thought of the coconut oil. Maybe that would taste good in my drink. So … Google … and I discovered this website 7 Ways to Eat More Coconut Oil … and decided to melt some and pour in my shake.

Pretty good. Had that hint of coconut flavor. Nothing overpowering, but I only used 1 tbsp. I’d eaten all my fruits for the day so it was nice to still have a different flavor in my shake tonight.

If I ever end up with more teaspoons left at the end of the day I’d definitely do that again.

I want to try out some of her other recipes, but maybe I’ll wait till after I’m done with the 21 Day Fix.

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Sweet boy moment.

The boy never showed us his story last year. The one they work on and take to the Young Writer’s Conference.

Somehow, the story surfaced tonight.

After a frustrating day at work it was just what I needed.

His story was about the time he and I went on a ropes course on top of Vail mountain. Something I initially didn’t want to do, but he was too young (and too short, to go by himself. So I went.

We had a fun time together and it was really neat to read his story from his perspective.

Love that boy!