The Life & Times of Mommiehood

Here I am finding my way through uncharted waters.

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Fell off the wagon already.

So much for blogging every day this month.

There have been things I thought to write about and then seem to forget and not find the time.

Today I was gifted with the day off. It did not go as I had planned. I did not accomplish all I wanted to. But I did not have to go to work. That was wonderful.

The hubs and I went on a movie date. We so rarely get to do that and pretty much never make a matinee anymore. Definitely an older crowd this morning, but nice to be able to go and watch a movie and just spend some time together.

Life has been  in wack-a-mole mode and I feel like I’m the mole. No fun. With all the car issues we’ve been having (yesterday the truck started acting funny and today the check engine light came on) and the weather change today I felt like Eeyore most of the day.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow can be relatively uneventful.

Finished Home Alone with the kids. They really enjoyed it. It has been fun to watch movies I liked when I was younger with them and have them like them too. Also interesting to talk to them about how things are different now with technology having changed so much in the last 20 years.

Started the last week in my 21 Day Fix today as well. So far so good. Here’s to finishing strong and then getting started with P90. Happy the hubs is joining me (he started P90 today) and we can cheer each other on and encourage each other.

How’s that for random.


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mmm coconut.

I’ve always liked most anything coconut. Especially the smell.

Bought coconut oil spray for the girl’s hair. Coconut oil shampoo for her hair (which has been amazing for her hair too!) … maybe it makes me think of the beach and helps me relax or something.

This whole eating plan has been crazy but I’m getting used to eating better. Finally bought the ginormous vat of extra virgin coconut oil from Sam’s Club and have been learning to use it when cooking. I’m allowed six teaspoons of good fats every day and since I’m not always cooking with them I usually end up sucking on a few teaspoons of peanut butter or almond butter. At least I like those, wouldn’t want to do the same with olive oil.

Back to the coconut oil. Like olive oil I can’t just eat it plain. So tonight with my vanilla protein + unsweetened vanilla almond milk shake I decided to try adding one of the butters. Wasn’t sure about that though and then I thought of the coconut oil. Maybe that would taste good in my drink. So … Google … and I discovered this website 7 Ways to Eat More Coconut Oil … and decided to melt some and pour in my shake.

Pretty good. Had that hint of coconut flavor. Nothing overpowering, but I only used 1 tbsp. I’d eaten all my fruits for the day so it was nice to still have a different flavor in my shake tonight.

If I ever end up with more teaspoons left at the end of the day I’d definitely do that again.

I want to try out some of her other recipes, but maybe I’ll wait till after I’m done with the 21 Day Fix.

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November is here.

Where does time go??

I don’t even know when the last time i wrote was. Sigh. I spend my time doing other stuff that isn’t always the best use of my time.

So what’s new?

The biggest thing is that I’m [almost] halfway through my 21 Day Fix journey. I started the food … diet .. portion control … whatever you want to call it Oct 20th. I think the hardest part is limiting my carbs. Oh, and that milk, almond milk and coconut water are all “carbs” too. Eating a zillion veggies is also more challenging than I thought it would be and I’ve been schooled in blending in spinach (mostly yum) and kale (mostly not yum) and other veggies into fruit and yogurt smoothies. Workouts started on October 27th. Man some of those are killer! I’m grateful for the extra motivation to keep headed in the right direction though. I think the “Fix” is insane but honestly I needed a huge kick-in-the-pants change in my lifestyle. The way I was headed was not getting me anywhere but in larger clothing and that totally bums a person out!

My pants are already fitting better and little motivations like that help me stay focused. Sure I’ve broken down and ate something not part of the plan but then I’m right back where I need to be the next day and not shaming myself and diving off the cliff back to the way things were. Change is hard. I’ve had a few melt downs too when trying to figure out what I can eat and how to make something work when I don’t quite have all the right things on hand (like the time we warmed up the carnitas and I didn’t have enough carbs left for two tortillas and we didn’t have enough lettuce to make a salad). In the past I’d get veggies and not eat them, especially lettuce, before they went bad in the fridge. Not now. I think I’ve eaten more veggies in the last week than I’d previously eat in a month or two.

That’s pretty much the biggest things going on for me right now. Overhauling my life to include more protein and veggies and fewer carbs and sweet things. I’m going through Starbucks withdrawal. But overall it hasn’t been as bad as I’d thought. The first week I was hungrier, and not sure what on earth I’d eat, but now I’m even able to go out into the real world and keep portions in mind and making sure I eat more veggies than anything else and I’m not just surviving this but thriving!

After the fix: P90 with the hubs. He is going to start a few days before I finish my Fixin’ but I’ll just dive in with him after.

If this at all sounds like something you want to try let me know and I’ll get you connected with my fabulous friend Tiffany so you can get started on your journey too.