The Life & Times of Mommiehood

Here I am finding my way through uncharted waters.

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Hurtling toward the start of another school year.





Well almost anyway. One last week to have a little fun before we head back to reality. I’m so grateful for the time during summer with my kids and the couple trips we were able to take as a family. How hard the hubby has worked to make those two trips a reality, especially the long one to visit family in the Midwest.

One day this week I pretty much have to take the kids to the museum, the boy wants to play in the new discovery zone again and was super bummed he was too old for the one at the Field Museum. I’m also hoping to get them to a park or splash pad and then tomorrow we will head somewhere to do something with the boy’s neighbor friend. Crazy the whole summer is pretty much over and this will be the only time we see and hang with them, despite my best efforts!

I’m not sure I’m ready for another school year but it is coming whether I am or not so hopefully by next week I’ll regain my ability to talk in complete sentences and finish a coherent thought.


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the blah blahs have come to visit

This has been a challenging couple months for us. Always a TON going on at work and I never feel caught up but always several steps behind. Then we moved and the cycle of getting our house somewhat settled and the condo ready for renting. It’s been busy, busy, busy.

Never seem to find much down time.

Throw in several colds and especially the last couple weeks with the boy getting his unfinished journal pages sent home consistently and I’m fried. Feels like every day some other drama begins and I’m overwhelmed as it is so I’m not sure I can handle much else coming along.

Is it Christmas break yet? No? Argh.

Two more weeks. I guess I can deal with that.

The one bright spot is that we are officially hosting Christmas! The next two weeks will be filled with planning and getting ready to host the festivities this year. Back in May when being in a house by Christmas was just a dream, something I hoped for, I never thought we might actually get to have everyone over.

Time to plan out the menu and make sure my MIL brings the Christmas salad since I have never had much luck making Jell-O.

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yeah, definitely overwhelmed

I am so grateful there are only a few days left of my school year.

This whole house hunting thing is not helping my stress level.

Today I mostly wrapped up one of the last big things left at work. Friday the other. Next week I will need to get my office ready for summahtime and work at meeting with my students one last time before we are done with another school year.

After we get back from our trip to Cali (SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT!!) I hope I can be a little more focused. Then the hubby and I can try and figure out what really makes the most sense for us house wise. We are at least getting the process started now and USAA has been an awesome resource in getting everything started. The Realtor they have connected us with seems to have our best interest at heart unlike the dude who helped us way back when we got this condo that just brushed aside any concerns and laughed at us over one. We get to meet him in person on Saturday and will also get to see a house or two in the neighborhood where the boy’s school is.

A miracle we are even at this point right now. So many prayers … So many things coming together … God is on the move and I can’t wait to see where he takes our little family!

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hard boiled egg smorgasbord

I’ve always been more a fan of the dyeing of Easter eggs than the eating of them after.
With that said, in recent years I have acquired the ability to like and even enjoy eggs. With that said, most of the eggs I like are full of non egg goodness.

This year is the first that we have dyed eggs as a family. The past few years the boy has done so with nana, a fun project for the two of them. Since he’s now in school that didn’t work out this year, so we tackled the process ourselves. Even had some fun doing so.

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But then the dreaded “what on earth do I do with all the icky eggs now” feeling kicked in.

Thankfully, I had some help from friends and ended up with a couple good recipes. When it comes to salad, I’ve never been a measurer. So there are not many quantities where spices are concerned. Just add to your taste if you want to try one of these recipes out.

The first batch of egg salad was made mostly as one might make deviled eggs. I put in spicy mustard, olive oil mayo, sweet relish, celery and paprika. Not bad.

Then I tried a recipe from a friend’s sister, BACON-STUFFED EGGS. Holy cow was this tasty!
6 hard-cooked eggs
4 oz cream cheese, softened
prepared horseradish (not a fan of horseradish so I subbed spicy mustard)
Worcestershire sauce
bacon slices, cooked & crumbled (happened to have some real bacon bits on hand which made this step quite easy!)

Today, the last installment in the egg salad saga turned out equally delish. I had a coworker several years ago make the first egg salad I ever actually liked. All I remember is that it had dill. Never got the recipe. After making the previous recipe, I still had half the cream cheese brick leftover and decided to use that again. Made the salad so creamy! In addition to the cream cheese, I added some dill pickle juice, ground white pepper, mayo and of course a ton of dill. I found some freeze dried dill at the grocery store and it worked great. I would definitely make this again too, maybe at some point I’ll even try it with some fresh dill but I liked being able to just dump it in wit not chopping or destemming needed.

Glad I found a way to make all those eggs edible, though I still wish they were easier to peel! That part of the process takes forever.

And just for fun, some pics from Easter weekend of the kids hunting for plastic eggs and  all dressed up.

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phew …

I just have to say that the insane hurricane winds yesterday and the messy snowy commute this morning both sucked.

I. Am. Ready. For. Spring!

Nervous though, because March is typically our snowiest month. With February breaking so many records I am terrified that March will be even worse. Only time will tell.

I don’t mind the snow, when I can sit at home, inside, with a homemade latte!

Driving and having to get the boy to school (that parking lot is heinous and I ALWAYS end up behind some poor schmuck whose wheels keep spinning and it takes forever to drop him off) and then it takes me at least double to get to work and I end up so late. Sheesh!

But the really good news this week is that the boy is having a good week at school. He may say he doesn’t want to go in the morning, but always comes home and says he liked everything about his day. I am super grateful that he only has 6 more Spanish classes. I want him to learn Spanish, but I don’t think this particular class has been a good fit for him. He’s the youngest and a boy and his teacher doesn’t quite know what to do with him. At least his teacher seems to get the fact that he’s 5yo and wants to find a good balance between expectations and what is needed to prove his knowledge. I may have frustrations now and then but she really is a great teacher.

Thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

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love/hate relationship

On the one hand, I love my iPod Touch and my iPad just a bit more.


They are both portable and hold my favorite music/movies and have lots of awesome apps. I even found an app designed for school psychologists that, once I have the time to get it set up, will be quite useful. I can message people, video chat with family, play games with friends, surf the web, and read the Bible and take notes and highlight right in the app among other things.

On the other hand, I hate them. Hate might be a bit strong, but there are things that are SO DANG FRUSTRATING.

I have heard the sync process works better on a Mac. I can’t afford a Mac so whatever, that is of no help to me.
Syncing my devices is the bane of my Apple existence. It always takes me FOREVER. Especially whenever iTunes decides to do it’s own thing and not what I ask it to. Repeatedly.

Right now I am at war with my iPad because I don’t want it to sync movies, I want to drag and drop the ones I want. I fear that with the WiFi sync and my external hard drive not always plugged in this will not be successful. Like I can store all the music and movies we own on my laptop. Whatever.

Maybe the WiFi sync isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

And seriously, what’s the issue with Flash and why doesn’t it work?? That just seems silly to me.

Needed to vent.