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just don’t get it

I’ve been chewing on this for a while. Still doesn’t make any sense to me.

Here goes.

Heard or read that some people don’t care if their kids hold different beliefs than they do. I guess I get this mindset if we are talking about things that don’t matter: what color car to drive or how big a house you should have or where you should go to school or one’s profession or what sport to play.

But when it comes to spiritual matters and eternity, how can you not want your kids to believe what you believe? Maybe being a Hindu or Buddhist or Atheist, spiritual and eternal things don’t matter. For me, I could never say I didn’t care if my children ended up espousing anything other than what is written in the Bible. If my children reject God there are horrifying eternal consequences. How could I be okay with that?

Sure I understand that they need to decide to follow Christ on their own. I can only share what I know to be ultimate truth and trust that God will draw each of my children to Himself.

I know the Bible is true.
I know Jesus is who He says He is, fully God yet fully man.
I know Jesus died on the cross for my sins and rose again three days later.
I know that for those who do not accept God’s gracious gift of salvation there are dire consequences.
I know there is no room for other gods or religions.

I pray my children look to the Bible for guidance and wisdom and encouragement.
I pray they know Christ as their Savior.
I pray they seek God’s will for their lives.
I pray my children believe the same things I do.

Some may think I’m crazy.
For me, it’s insane to think otherwise, unless maybe there is no certainty in the absolute truth of whatever it is you believe.

But truly, things we are passionate about we want others to be passionate about as well.

Why not our children?


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vegas, i’m not a fan.

I did not dig Vegas the first time we went.
Had no intentions of ever going back.
It was disgusting.
No matter where I went there was smoke and I had a hard time breathing. And then there are the people who pass out porn on the streets. Everything is so expensive. Thought maybe some of what I disliked was having a 6mo baby (who got kicked out of a casino if you can believe it!).

I was wrong.

We were walking into Bass Pro this summer and the hubby got suckered into a two night stay at one of their resorts. The only one we thought might even be a possibility was the one in Vegas, easier to get to than the others. Totally surprised there was no resort in Colorado. Said I would only go to Vegas if I could see Celine. He agreed and we signed up.

Mainly, I was looking forward to a nice getaway with my hubby, and seeing Celine was just icing on the cake. I also enjoyed seeing Mission Impossible since we rarely get to go see movies. Shopping at the Cesar’s mall was nice too, there didn’t seem to be as much smoke in there and Andy got to go to a Coach Men’s store and pick out his Christmas present (I had already picked out mine in MN at the Mall of America).

Celine was incredible. The show was worth every penny and I am so glad we went. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.
I also loved spending the time with my hubby and not having to worry about the kids for a few days. They had a blast with Nana & Papa!

But everything else about the trip sucked. I almost vomited in Paris and wasn’t even able to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower since there was a private party, and that was the whole reason we went in. No matter what, you can’t get a breath of fresh air in the casinos, and when you leave them your clothes and hair still smell disgusting. Why can’t they glass in smoking areas like they do in the airport? I’m fine if you want to smoke yourself to death, but why do I have to suffer as well?? I’m no gambler either, so there’s little appeal for me.

Thankfully, we just had to sit through a 3hr timesharish presentation and we were able to stay for free. Since we didn’t have to pay for that, we were able to have more fun eating at some neat restaurants (Margaritaville makes a killer margarita!) … and wandering around finding some fun souvenirs.

Pretty sure I won’t be going back to Vegas again unless that changes, or there is another show worth seeing.

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sunday nights, reality nights

I love Sundays. Usually we take the day, or as much of it as possible, to just relax. Evenings are spent with the hubby watching The Amazing Race and Sister Wives on TV.

Tonight we put the kids to bed early (the boy is super pooped after having a BLAST with nana and papa) and are now just waiting for the fun to begin.

We have adored the Race and watched every season since we discovered the show halfway through season two. I love the challenges and this season appreciate that most of the duos are working pretty well together.

Sister Wives is pretty much like watching a train wreck for me, I just can’t stop. I feel bad for the kids, especially since the move to Vegas and I cringe at most of what the wives put up with because of their religious beliefs. Last week when the couple visited them who were considering plural marriage I felt bad for them. Doesn’t seem they really want to add another wife or two but they el pressure because of their religious beliefs. Sure the Brown’s marriage is not like Warren Jeff’s, but it still seems abusive to me. To each his own I guess. Tonight ought to be fascinating when the head to Boston and let college kids ask them questions. Very fascinating.

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not sure i know what to say …

I’m behind in my magazine reading and started reading while ellipticalling at the gym. Not always easy with the the whole tiny print thing, but I’m making it work.

This was the last article, and so far the worst I’ve read in my year or so as a WH subscriber. The title: “Invasion of the Husband Snatchers: Today’s ‘other woman’ isn’t a vamp, she’s not desperate, and she has no qualms about poaching what’s yours.” Click on the link if you want to read the whole article and check out all the “stats” from their survey/poll.

The whole article kinda scared me. Is this really what our society has come to? Even the first little scenario where the woman ends up shagging a married co-worker doesn’t seem right. Like they had this relationship that was nothing until one day they kissed and have sex ten minutes after and are together for a year. The affair started long before the kiss and the sex if you ask me. It’s called boundaries people. Sure there are relationships between men and women that are no big deal, but the way she describes their relationship it was getting out of hand before the infamous cocktails.

Going from bad to worse are headings like “we can’t resist — it’s in our genes” and “how sacred is marriage, anyway?” I was honestly horrified. Only one paragraph at the end gives any credence to not cheating and having a monogamous relationship. Relationships and marriage aren’t always easy. They take work and effort, but both are worth it.

So keep your brain engaged and your pants on. Might save you a world of trouble. And, BTW, there’s no such thing as a “no strings attached good time.”

This post might be a mess, but I’m a little in shock and pretty horrified. I hope this view on relationships and cheating is not gaining a following. It’s also a mess because I’m also watching American Idol 🙂