The Life & Times of Mommiehood

Here I am finding my way through uncharted waters.

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Happiest Place on Earth.

What a crazy week. We had a lot of fun. Walked 50 miles. Spent loads of time together. Saw lots of characters. Rode many rides. All in all we had a blast.

A couple highlights …

The girl getting all decked out as Elsa at the Bippity Boppity Boutique. She remembered doing this last time and was excited to become Queen Elsa for the day. To top it all off we went and met Queen Elsa and Princess Anna at the end of the day.

Photo0005FourBySix Photo0012FourBySix Photo0020FourBySix

I will try and post more pictures later, our Internets don’t seem to want to cooperate right now.

A highlight from Tuesday was the Princess lunch at Ariel’s Grotto. This time we were able to meet Tiana and Tangled and Princess Minnie in addition to Ariel and Belle. We’ve seen Rapunzle from a distance but not up close and have only seen Tiana singing in California Adventure.

Wednesday we spent a few hours in the park before nap time and then met some friends for dinner and Big Hero 6. Fun to see friends from college and the movie was really great.

The highlight from Thursday was meeting Baymax and Hiro. Not to be outdone by AMAZING seats for Worlds of Color after a tasty dinner. We also ate corn and turkey legs as a homage to Thanksgiving and saw a bunch of characters in both parks, including a special run-in with the Fairy Godmother.

By Friday we were all WIPED and the girl was not wanting to walk around anymore (in hindsight we should have rented a stroller for her, but it’s so much easier without one!) … but we had a good day, got some last minute souvenirs, and watched the Disneyland fireworks from our hotel pool deck before being totally ready to head home the next day.

Saturday morning we ate breakfast in the hotel with Mickey and his pals, packed, wandered around Downtown Disney one last time and headed to the airport.

Long week and we were all ready to be home.

Thankful for our adventures and ready to see where next Thanksgiving takes us!


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Road tripping. Part 1.

We made it through yesterday.

Left the house at 8am and rolled into the hotel around 9:30pm. Granted there is a time zone change in there but that is still a really long day on the road.

I’m super sore now but we finished our trek to visit family near Minneapolis getting in this afternoon and enjoying a BBQ with aunts, uncles and cousins for dinner. Really thankful they all came by and our hosts put together a great evening. Looking forward to seeing my cousin and gram, aunt and another cousin, as well as maybe less time in the car tomorrow!

Here’s one of my favorite pictures of the trip so far. She spent a couple hours under this “tent” … until she fell asleep and then I woke her up trying to move the map away so she didn’t end up with a paper cut. Granted we only had a few minutes left in the car at that point but man she was a tired puppy today! So was her brother for that matter, though neither wanted to admit to that.

How the girl reads a map in the car.

How the girl reads a map in the car.

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I’ve got the kids by myself this weekend while the hubby is taking in some Cubbies baseball.

No plans really. Bible study tonight. Church on Sunday. Maybe taking some time to clean up and out the boy’s room.

Mostly, I want to read a book and relax.
And go to Starbucks for Frappachino happy hour.
Speaking of … It’s time for Carmel Frapp YUMMINESS!

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loved my day “off”

No school today.

I love those days.

Even more when the kids actually. let. me. sleep. in. Officially waking up at 8:30 was a little taste of heaven.

So nice to have a day with very little responsibility and time to run an errand without it being rushrushrush.

When we returned from said errand this was waiting behind the screen door:

My little diva tried to claim my awesome bag as her own.

Aaannddd …. since Tuesdays are my day off I get a nice long weekend.

Tomorrow it’ll just be the girl and I. First mom’s group at church and then hopefully she will nap while I exercise and we can have a peaceful afternoon together.

Made these for tomorrow morning. YUM!!

Enjoying feeling relaxed for once this year.

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party time … almost

I talked with the girl’s music teacher today and we found a time for the birthday party! Now we just have to pay the deposit at her next music class and get invites sent out. With the Saturdays all booked, we made it for a Sunday afternoon. Hoping that her little pals and their siblings will still be able to make it.

What a relief!

I’m loving that I don’t have to make room for a party at our place too, nice little side benefit.
Violette sure loves the music class, I know she will have a blast with it all about her. So looking forward to the big event.

Now to come up with an idea for cake/cupcakes or brownies or something mostly not messy that she will love as a dessert.

Yay for turning 2 🙂


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fun in the SNOW!

At first I decided to take out the girl and play with her in the snow. We haven’t yet invested in snow pants for her, so I layered her up and we trekked out. The snow was so deep she could barely walk, and after about two minutes she decided she did not like the snow very much. Once we got her in and I went down to get the sled, she kept trying to come back out, but I think right now it’s a bit cold for her. Maybe next year when she is a bit bigger she’ll be more adventurous.

I surprised even myself with how much fun I had in the snow with the boy. We got a TON of the freezing, fluffy stuff. Living by one of the BEST sledding hills around, we finally bought a sled last year. The one time we tried using it, we got stuck in the snow and did not really slide down the hill at all. No. Fun.

This time there were already people out there who had forged a path and we FLEW down the hill. So fast that about half way down when we hit some uncharted snow it slammed into our faces. CRAZY. Neither the boy or I enjoyed that much, but decided to trek back up and go down once more. WILD ride. The second time we went even farther.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once we finally made it back up we walked around out back and I tried getting a video of his thoughts(check it out here).

What a trip!