Christmas Break!

I so enjoy having some time off. Especially so this year after the loss of my favorite nurse at our school. Tough that last week of work with her not there and my office right across the hall. Hoping every day that goes by is easier but I’ll not soon forget her smile and readiness to listen about anything and everything.

On to Christmas …

We kicked the season off with a trip to Loveland. So very much enjoyed dinner with all the Stones at PF Changs and then watching the kids open gifts and especially the girl and her dollhouse. She sure does love that. The boy got some pretty sweet loot too … so did the grown ups. After our Sunday night dinner and present extravaganza the kids and I spent Monday with Nana & Papa letting the kids play with there things more while Daddie worked all day. Then took a swim in the hotel pool after dinner and tried getting the kids to bed. The boy was still juiced about everything and man did it take a while for him to fall asleep!

Christmas Eve we drove back home. Nice to get settled and both kids a nap before heading to a lovely service at church and dinner with some good friends. A couple Santa updates from OnStar and we let the kids each open one gift before bed. Books they could read.

Christmas Day was pretty great too. So very wonderful to just be at home and have the time to open gifts and take it easy. We had some friends over for dinner, the same ones who came to help us eat our Christmas a dinner last year. We just might make a tradition of it!

Today has been full of errands and now I really should get things together for our trip to Steamboat tomorrow. Very much looking forward to a few days up in the mountains to relax and since we are bringing someone with to ski by day and watch kids buy night the hubs and I will be able to go on a few dates.

Hard to believe it’ll be time to get ready for the new year when we get back.

Where has 2013 gone?!?!?

December. Already. How?!?!

Wow. This year seems to have just flown by. This same time last year we were working hard to get our house ready to host Christmas. Now we are pretty much settled in and even have furniture in the living room now. Just haven’t gotten my creative side to put the pictures up on the walls. Maybe someday …

basement reorganization project

When we moved last year we took a bunch of stuff from storage and stuck it in the basement. Then when we were hosting Christmas we put several unpacked boxes and items in the basement. Result: mess in the basement.

After wanting to get storage shelves for months we finally got some thanks to a Labor Day sale. I put them together yesterday and started moving things around.


Today I went back down and continued sorting and going through and reorganizing all the boxes and stuff and working to get everything where we can actually find something if we need it.



Next phase in the project is rearranging all that is next to the shelves and donating what we don’t need so we can move the holiday decorations and Christmas tree over next to the shelves.

We have one huge recycle pile …


A small pile to put away somewhere in the house and several picture frames to get hung (finally!!) …


(a few screens to dispose of as well) …

But mainly, we have more open space in the basement for the kids to ride their scooters around and maybe we can someday get a ping pong table and an elliptical down here.


Oh, and the basement is free of several spider egg sacs and a few of the spiders and bugs who dared to show they creepy crawly selves. Just need to empty the shop vac before they hatch or whatever.

I’m so thankful for this house and all this space.

Now I’m tired!

finally, a photo tour

hall artentry way 3entry way 2entry way 1powder room 1powder room 2
powder room 3hall closetliving room 1living room detailliving room 2living room 3
dining room 1dining room 2kitchen 5kitchen 6kitchen 7kitchen dining
kitchen 1kitchen 2kitchen 3kitchen 4pantryshoe rack

New Home, a set on Flickr.

Here’s the new house. (Click on the fine print link above to see all the pictures!) We’ve been here now three and a half months. The place is starting to feel like home and we feel so very blessed to have this place to call our own.

Still a lot to do (notice I completely avoided showing any of the basement) and we definitely have a long list of furniture we’d like to have and projects that need to be completed, but for the most part we have settled in quite nicely.

Next on the agenda is a new roof (thanks to the fires last summer and a new law passed that allows insurance companies to drop those of us with wood shake shingles). While I’ll be happy to see the current roof go we’d hoped to save that project for a couple years or get saved by a hail storm or something of the sort.

Then the back yard, or as much of it as we can afford to do this year. Having ancient wood and re-bar hanging about doesn’t make for a super safe play area for the kids now does it? And we need to address any lingering drainage issues since we are downhill.

Despite the never ending drama of being a homeowner, and now landlord, life is good and we have a lot to be thankful for!

packing, packing

Such a busy, productive day.

I started at the dentist where I discovered there is a crack or some nonsense in my enamel on a tooth and just sucks. It hurt when she was cleaning and they ended up putting some sort of medicine on it that should help. Never trout I’d wish for a cavity, but I’d rather have something they could fix.

Next up was Kohl’s, where I found the cutest flannel sheet set for Stephan that I washed up to take up to the mountains. Think he’ll love it. Also found some of the sweat pants nana had found for him that even when washed are long enough for his crazy legs. Even found some warm pants and a fleece for myself which will be awesome in the mountains this weekend.

Then I headed home and unpacked the goods and gave the kids the new set of books, Dr. Seuss again. Violette almost instantly ripped several pages out of the Cat in the Hat. Super frustrating!

After getting some things together and making lunch I headed off to my massage while Andy took the kids to his appointment. The “spa” I went to wasn’t that fabulous and I’m kinda bummed I have two more massages there but at least the massage wasn’t bad. Doesn’t seem like the place was suited for massage in the least. Disappointing after the last spa I went to that was awesome. Think I might just have to suck it up and pay to go back to that one when these massages are used up.

Once massaged I headed off to WalMart and then Target to get some groceries for our trip. Went home and unloaded everything and packed some up so it’s ready for tomorrow. Packed most of our clothes and this and then we went to see Dr. Will, I think we need to try and get there weekly it really messed me up not going for so long. After leaving there we went through the drive thru at McD’s to get dinner and headed back home.

More packing and organizing and now I’m wiped. Think it’s bedtime. Tomorrow morning will be here soon enough and I have plenty to do in the morning!

Can’t wait to be relaxing in a mountain condo tomorrow!

the blah blahs have come to visit

This has been a challenging couple months for us. Always a TON going on at work and I never feel caught up but always several steps behind. Then we moved and the cycle of getting our house somewhat settled and the condo ready for renting. It’s been busy, busy, busy.

Never seem to find much down time.

Throw in several colds and especially the last couple weeks with the boy getting his unfinished journal pages sent home consistently and I’m fried. Feels like every day some other drama begins and I’m overwhelmed as it is so I’m not sure I can handle much else coming along.

Is it Christmas break yet? No? Argh.

Two more weeks. I guess I can deal with that.

The one bright spot is that we are officially hosting Christmas! The next two weeks will be filled with planning and getting ready to host the festivities this year. Back in May when being in a house by Christmas was just a dream, something I hoped for, I never thought we might actually get to have everyone over.

Time to plan out the menu and make sure my MIL brings the Christmas salad since I have never had much luck making Jell-O.

belated thanksgiving

I haven’t posted since we moved.
You’d think I was too busy or something.

This year has been a wild one. The biggest thing I’m thankful for is our new home. We have been so very blessed! Back in April we wouldn’t have even dreamed of being in a house this year. Sure it was on my wish list but certainly not a reality to come soon. Never,ind the fact that we wanted to live in a specific neighborhood that complicated everything from the price point to hardly anything on the market. Funny how God works a miracle when you least expect it.

After finding out we could qualify for a loan in May we looked at every house in our price range that came on the market, several that were over our budget. I doubt in total we looked at 10 homes. Frustrating that nothing was right for us and hard to explain to the five-year-old that you don’t just buy whatever at that price point! Finally in August, on the eve of the first day of school we found the one … getting to closing was no easy feat and there were certainly bumps along the way but that only confirmed the miracle of God’s blessing.

I’m thankful for a wonderful neighborhood with great neighbors and an HOA that finds value in contributing to a dedicated sheriff to be in the area 24/7. Trick or treating was so much fun this year with the kids. The best part was seeing the boy get so excited at seeing his friends from school come by.

Every time I come home it feels surreal.

And that’s not all.
My hubby continues to be blessed with work and an amazing radio connection for advertising and to get his “I want to be a radio guy” fix in.
The boy is doing great at school despite a crabby old school teacher. Other kids like him and even the bully from last year is his friend now.
The girl is in love with princesses and dresses and shoes. While being two is a challenge she often makes me smile and he hugs and kisses and prayers are the sweetest.
The job is going better this year. Still stressful and too much to do in not enough time, but I have some awesome coworkers that make work fun and not too dreadful.
We have been able to go on several fun trips and do so many fun things over the past year.

The house may be the biggest thing (especially having a garage RIGHT there, next to the house) but it certainly isn’t the only thing I celebrate this Thanskgiving.


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