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hoping …

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I really hope the little dude has been having a great day at school. He has a long day for a 5yo with almost 7hrs of school and then a 45 minute Spanish class after. If I can hop up on my soapbox for a minute: Why haven’t we just made Spanish a part of the curriculum in elementary schools?? That would be a great opportunity for kids to learn a new language, when their brains are a bit more primed for it. Not like me as an adult that wishes I spoke Spanish but has no clue how to find the time or money to invest in making that happen.

He’s going on a field trip tomorrow and I am hoping that he has a GREAT week. He did pretty good last week, just bringing home a two worksheets with three corrections and one word to find in a word search. I think he’s struggling with the vocabulary and remembering what all the words he’s learning mean each week. He also brought home a writing prompt that he was confused about what he needed to fix since he totally did what she asked, for the record, I was too. She asked them to say what they brought for the 100 days of school celebration and why. He wrote: I had 100 krasins. My mom tld me to. When I read this I knew why she didn’t accept it, but this is truly what happened. He had to take 100 things, I knew we didn’t have much time … so I handed him the bag of craisins and instructed him to count out 100. I decided to try and get him thinking about why I would have picked craisins for him to take and then he added this sentence:  My mom tld me to bring them bekus I lik them. I lso included a note saying his initial answer cracked me up and that it was exactly what happened.

I love this boy! He’s so honest and so sweet. (Sure he can also drive me crazy, but he’s an awesome little boy.)

He did a nice job this weekend after we all worked to get back on track rewarding good behaviors with stickers. Today he will have the opportunity to trade in 15 of his stickers to “buy” 30 minutes of playtime on daddie’s PS Vita. I think he will be super excited for that. I need to get a better plan going to keep up the sticker/reward chart and track his progress.

Wednesday we start back up with swim lessons. My hunch is that it’ll take a week or two to get him back into the ritual, but he’s excited for the time being and I’m just hoping he’ll be brave when he gets back in the water after the several month long hiatus.

Here’s to also hoping that I have another good week. Last week and this weekend were really nice and I had a great relaxing weekend.


Author: AngieK

My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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