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drama, drama, drama

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This appears to be synonymous with any home improvement project. I don’t know why I thought this one would be any different.

Sounds simple enough. Take out old counter tops, dishwasher and sink/garbage disposal. Replace with new counter tops, dishwasher and sink/disposal. Paint the walls, fix a couple cabinets and clean them up really good. (Yes, I was going to paint them cream, but I can NOT handle any more stress!)

I knew the second he started things were not going to go smoothly, but I didn’t think it’d be this awful.

Day #1: He tried to shut off the water to the pipes in the kitchen the knob broke off in his hand. Yikes. After getting the counter tops, dishwasher and sink/disposal out … and our first of many, many trips to Lowe’s … we got him new valve/knobs to put on the pipes and he fixed up problem #1. Lots of water leakage as we were not able to fully shut off the water for some reason so there was always a slow trickle. Thankfully the board under the cabinet for the sink was already cruddy and we were planning on replacing it.

Things seemed to be going okay after that. He wrapped things up for the day and we went to Lowe’s again to get a couple more things since the first time we were stressed about the water leakage and didn’t remember everything. We also wanted to look at a patio set, since we have no place to eat with the dining table covered with stuff from the kitchen. Drama here too of course, the table was a nightmare to put together and part of it was bent … though we didn’t realize that till we had the thing mostly put together.

On to Day #2: The dishwasher and counter tops came. I thought for a few hours we had lost the cat, that she escaped outside when the dishwasher came, and was a WRECK till she came out from her hiding place. Back to the kitchen … we were under the impression that the guy we hired could do the counter tops, and found out today that we were wrong. He’s never done them before. He did get a lot done that morning, we bought cement board for him to put under the sink and he repaired a couple of the cabinets. I helped him get the counter tops in place and initially it all looked fine. However, when he came to talk to me about the miter joint not quite working … well, it all went downhill from there. He tried twice to line it up and while the second time was much better it still was off ever so slightly and then of course the walls are not perfectly straight so the counter tops don’t quite fit in nicely and there were some unsightly gaps between the back splash and the wall. He wrapped up a few things and we made another trip to Lowe’s, hoping to talk with the counter top guy about what we should do. He was off by the time we made it in so we grabbed a couple other necessary things and went home. The little boy helped me some and we painted the walls behind the refrigerator and stove thinking those might make their way back into the kitchen the next day.

Day #3 (a.k.a. the day I lost it): Today I woke up and called my adopted dad (I adopted him, hopefully the feeling is mutual 🙂 ). He’s the one we really would love to have helping us with this project, but as he lives in another state now that’s not a possibility. He gave me some great ideas and told me how to do the miter joint and deal with the wall issue … but when our guy got here this morning he was nervous and asked me how to do the things I was telling him. I wanted to scream and cry, but instead made the second trip of the day to Lowe’s (the hubby had went earlier to get hoses for the sink, no clue how we forgot those, caulk and drywall putty) I went to try and find out if Lowe’s could send someone out to help with the miter joint and get some clamps and glue in case we decided to give it a shot.

By the time I came back, we had decided to try and find someone to come and help with the counter tops. Neither hubby nor I wanted to completely screw up the $700 counter tops by letting the guy practice on them, and he was afraid to do it anyway. So then we move to the insane chaos of trying to find someone who knows what he is doing AND who can come out pretty quickly to help since our whole house is a mess … and we have two small children who get into EVERYTHING! First, we start networking at church … and a few phone calls later we have someone coming tomorrow morning to see our mess and if he might be able to un-mess things. I am praying and feebly attempting not to stress knowing God has a plan, even in this. I just want our house back to “normal.” If I could go back to the beginning of June and do-over I don’t think I’d do this all again. Maybe when we are all done I’ll take back those words, but right now I just want the stress gone and want to enjoy my summer. The school year comes with enough stress.

Tomorrow, Day #4: I am looking forward to having a fabulous friend come help with the cabinets and getting them cleaned and polished. Right now that sounds way better than cleaning and painting. We’ll just keep the paint to use in another room later and return everything else we’d bought to paint the cabinets (primer & brushes) and get some lovely chemical to clean and polish. Should be a fun stinky day with my friend! Of course I also hope to get good news from the guy coming to see our counter top mess … Hopefully, I can post GOOD news tomorrow or this weekend. I could really use some GOOD news!

Things are dramatically different from my last post where my only concern was what to wear to a concert!


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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