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reorganizing our tiny space


Last month we got a new TV. It’s a Sony Bravia. It ROCKS!! For several weeks everything was a mess because we had to wait for professionals to mount the sucker above the fireplace. Once we had that accomplished we were in search of some sort of shelving to hold all the components. Once found we had to get it to the house and get the old entertainment center to Goodwill. Then we FINALLY got around to rearranging all the furniture to make it more of a living room, centered around the TV of course! 🙂

We also discovered a coupon and sale on a recliner and replaced our old rocker/recliner with a comfy new one that is power. It’s great! You can stop the recline wherever you want … and it stays put. We also don’t need as much space between the chair and the wall. Stephan has a bit too much fun with the buttons, but we’re working on that and I’m sure it’ll get a bit better as the novelty wears off.

The last piece of the puzzle was getting cubby storage for the kids toys so they could be out of the space. Target finally put the right piece on sale this week … and then I discovered it was too tall. Grr. By the time I’d figured out what would work the two the Target had were snatched up (I was seriously ANNOYED, but not much one can do). We found one at another Target and Stephan and I got it put together and all the toys, books and games moved to it this afternoon.

After spending some time rearranging the existing book cases, things are set for now. I’m sure we’ll do something different with all the old PS2 games, but I was done after all that! Besides, Violette had woke up by that point and it’s harder to get things done when she’s awake.

I think I finally may like the interface for uploading pictures.

Here’s a slideshow of our living room:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Author: AngieK

My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

2 thoughts on “reorganizing our tiny space

  1. I like your slide show! Now that VOX is gone, you are stuck using only WP, which is not as easy with photos. What site did you use to make it happen?

  2. This was actually the easiest time I’ve EVER had putting pictures in a post! I was able to select multiple pictures to upload from a folder and when I clicked save, at the bottom of the next page there was a button to insert a slideshow. WP must have changed things since the last time I tried putting photos in a post!

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