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crazy week

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I’m thankful this week is done and has ended well … though some in the middle wasn’t very pretty.

Tuesday I got great news. When I went to talk with my principal about the “professional development” day next Tuesday he said I could just stay home and take the day off. I wanted to kiss him, or at the very least give him a big hug. I did neither, but am grateful for another day to rest … and Stephan will still head to school so I’ll have the day to myself. Hooray!!

Unfortunately, the kid did not nap at preschool and was a HUGE MESS once we got home. Nonstop crying and inconsolable. If he’d stop for a few minutes, simply blinking at him might trigger more tears. After and hour I was a mess and not in a good space after all the tears and a long day at work. After a big fight with the hubby and a tearful drive through the neighborhood, we finally all settled down.

Today we had yet another OB appt. I was pretty nervous since this is when I was put on bed-rest with Stephan. Thankfully, the BP medication is doing it’s thing and baby is fabulous (hear-rate good, fluid just right, placenta healthy, head down, all the good stuff). Stephan refers to baby as “she” and says we are having a “gril” and said as much to the doctor. She then proceeds to do an ultrasound to make sure baby’s head is down. At one point she says something like, “looks like a girl” and I’m not sure if that was just in reference to how baby’s face looked or if she actually looked. I’m still assuming there’s a boy in there, I in no way want to set myself up that baby really is a girl and then be disappointed if baby really is a boy (even if we officially found out I’d probably still think that way just in case). Though I have started to refer to baby as “she” myself because Stephan does so much. Four more weeks and we’ll know!

Here’s the latest ultrasound pics and one of me this past Sunday after getting all dressed up for Legally Blonde with the hubby.

36wk face, fist
36wk face, fist

36wk face
36wk face

35wk dress up bump
35wk dress up bump

While I’m excited to meet baby and all, I’m freaking nervous about the whole process of bringing home a newborn and losing sleep and being a cranky, crabby mess. I don’t do well on no sleep. Time will tell, I need to work on being positive and thinking positive thoughts!

One more thing, pray for my friend Paula. She’s due mid April, but is currently in the hospital with preeclampsia. They have given the baby steroids to stimulate lung development and she will most likely deliver the baby soon. Scary.


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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