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humidity and mosquitoes

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Truthfully, the weather’s not been too bad. This week/weekend might be a bit warmer and maybe more humid, but it’s not like it’s 100 or anything so I’ve not much to complain about there. There are more blood suckers but thankfully, they never liked my blood much.

So far we’ve had some fun with my family. I haven’t pulled the camera out much at all yet though. maybe I’ll be better about that this week.

We had a nice flight last week on Tuesday, the Southwest check-in dude let Andy come through security with us and he sat while we waited to board the airplane too. It was nice to have some help with Stephan, you never know when he’ll listen or bolt. My dad picked us up and we made it back up north without too much drama. We were both exhausted from an early morning and a long trip and ended up in bed early!

Wednesday we went bowling with my dad at the Navy base. Their ramps are cute dinosaur tails that Stephan got a kick out of. Hard for me to aim, but he sure had fun! Can’t aim my own bowling ball all that well either!

Thursday we did lunch with my mom at Burger King and dinner with my dad & his family and little brother. The kid got a little birthday gift and we enjoyed some KFC. We visited some friends that afternoon and after Stephan warmed up he enjoyed himself quite a bit.

We didn’t do much Friday, just my dad’s church picnic in the evening for dinner and we were able to play for a bit in the pool after dinner. It was a late night, Stephan really liked the pool.

The highlight of Saturday was having my brother and his family all come over for dinner. Stephan enjoyed seeing his cousins, especially the youngest who’s two years older than him. At one point they curled up on the couch and were snuggling under a blanket together. I didn’t make it in time for a picture, but it was cute.

Sunday was interesting. Stephan had a bit of a meltdown after having been up late Friday and Saturday night and we had an early nap. Later we went to my dad’s church for evening service and then to Culver’s for some custard and I got a burger too since I hadn’t eaten anything for dinner. Good stuff. We’d run to WalMart earlier to get Stephan a toy for the bath, and after some popcorn he was very excited to take a bath. I also got him to bed much earlier, so today has been much better so far!

In a little bit we are off to Panera for lunch. YUM! I’m looking forward to that.

Tomorrow it’s bowling with grandpa again and I’ll start working on the wash so we can get everything we need for our trip down to Chicago packed and ready on Wednesday.

I’m looking forward to that little trip, and Andy finally getting out here. My middle niece is going to come with and I think we’ll all have fun together working around Andy’s conference and seeing what activities we can all tag along on and have some other fun of our own. I’ve got the Children’s museum and maybe the Field or Science and Industry museums too. And I think Stephan will want to do the ferris wheel on Navy Pier. I think my little brother might work downtown one day and come hang with us for dinner … and there’s always the hotel pool.

When we get back my sister and her husband will be here and we’ll celebrate my middle niece’s birthday and head to the Racine Zoo on Monday. Maybe bowling again on Tuesday and Andy and I are heading to the TIU Alumni night at the Cubbies game before heading back to reality in CO on Wednesday.

Maybe my next post will have some pictures. Wouldn’t that be great.


Author: AngieK

My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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