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summer cleaning

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I know, I know. It’s supposed to be spring cleaning. I don’t think I ever really got around to doing anything during spring though.

We are looking at getting a new dining room table and chairs since ours is pretty much toast and need to make sure we have space.

We’ve also been wanting to lose the desk in the living room now that we have a laptop and don’t really need the whole desk, though I am actually sitting at said desk right now. It’s not the most comfortable, with our old monitor and computer stashed underneath but it’s working for now. I’ve got a multi-purpose table in my room that I think we will use instead when we want to sit at a “desk” with the computer. So now we need to determine what to do with the desk, and possibly our old-falling-apart-table if we do find a “new” one.

I searched through the listings on craigslist and found two that were cheap enough and looked nice. We hoped to look at them both last night but the number I had for the second one was disconnected. So we saw one. A nice table, comfortable chairs, all wood. The table top is a bit of a mess which isn’t an awful thing as I typically cover it with a table cloth. The one thing that will make me offer lower than their asking price is that when pulling out the leaf, which stores in the middle of the table, it was all sticky and didn’t seem to slide very nicely. Apparently, there was a “juice incident” with a toddler, that I get, but if I’m the one who has to completely clean and resurface the table that’s at least $50. Some of the chairs, while sturdy and not broken, had some nicks in the wood. We’ll see.

The other table is still avaliable, and 1/3 the cost of the other one. Wood and wrought iron. Pretty, but again the table top would need to be sanded and stained again if we ever wanted to use it without a table cloth. Andy and Stephan might try and go see that one tonight.

So after working at getting the “office” area cleaned up I still need to go through the filing cabinet we have and determine what we need to toss or keep. That should be interesting. I don’t actually use it much. Neither does Andy. Who knows what lurks inside. We probably should make more use of it. Maybe once we clean it all out we can.

Next on the agenda is tackling the “craft table” area in our bedroom. There are things piled under it that I probably can get rid of or pare down. I also hope to buy a book case, maybe once they start pushing the dorm sales this summer at Target. We need some more storage in our bedroom, and I don’t have a nightstand, just an old end table for a couch. I’d like to get a new end table, or shorter book case, for the couch and donate both of the ones we currently have. The book case for my night table will give me more storage for books and magazines and such. Which, hopefully, will help the “craft table” that no matter what ends up a disaster. We’ll see.

On to getting some stuff done whilst the toddler sleepeth.


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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