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i’m tired and REALLY crabby today. need to snap out of it. i feel like my ability to tolerate anything from stephan is nonexistent. no idea what it is that has me all, well, pissy for lack of a better word.

well, ok, i probably know more that i want to admit. my attitude is horrible and i’m a little frustrated by a few things with stephan and some friendship issues.

some of it is the whole potty training thing and feeling a little more like the pressure is on maybe with it being summer. i know i should probably give myself a break, seeing as how summer started just two days ago, but i’m pretty much over pull-ups and wet underpants. today i asked him 2-3 times while we were at elitch’s and he said no every time and of course his pull-up was wet when i finally made him sit on the potty. next time we go (which probably won’t be for a week or two) i’m thinking about putting him in underwear and telling him that if he gets wet we have to go home. maybe that will help him understand that while we are out and things are exciting and we are having fun, we STILL need to keep dry. i’m so worried that he’ll be fine at home and then preschool will be a mess because he’ll get in to doing something and pee in his pants. though i’m sure that will happen once or twice while he’s getting used to being at school anyway. he’s got all the skills down. i just have no clue how to get him to 1) be consistent and 2) not pee every 15 minutes but get it all out and then wait an hour or two between trips to the potty. i’ve got a potty training book somewhere, borrowed from a friend, and i need to read that maybe for some thoughts and ideas. i’m also very close to no more pull-ups, save for naptime. he wears those and then sometimes doesn’t care as much about keeping them dry … though he often doesn’t even notice wet underpants either, so who knows.

another piece of my lack of patience is the whining and crying about everything. i’m so over that. i know he’s learned the behavior some from other kids and that a huge part of it is just innate toddler behavior, but i’m not a fan. i’m working on figuring out a consistent way to handle it too, since he doesn’t seem to be responding as well to me telling him i don’t understand whining and crying and need to hear a big boy voice. that whining is really grating on my nerves and frustrating me though.

i think the last piece of it is him sucking on his fingers. again, this is a learned behavior from other kids. we took his paci away earlier this year and it was tough on him for a bit, but he NEVER sucked on his fingers till about three weeks ago maybe. now he gets nervous or zones out and starts sucking on his fingers. yesterday i started putting hot sauce on his fingers and making him suck that off after catching him with his fingers in his mouth, but i don’t think that is really effective. he certainly doesn’t like it when i put hot sauce on his fingers, but it’s after the fact and i can’t exactly carry hot sauce around with me everywhere i go. do they make bitter apple for kids? i’m sure they have to have something for the kids who need to stop thumb sucking. which of course is what we were trying to avoid by letting him keep his paci for so long. sheesh.

what i need to work on is hot letting these things bug me so much. i don’t like having such a short temper with my boys and don’t want to ruin the weekend with my stress and bad attitude. God will work it all out. stephan will put all the potty pieces together at just the right time, he will learn that whining and crying doesn’t get him what he wants, we will find a way to get him to stop sucking on his fingers. thankfully, it’s only been a few weeks and not a few years since he’s started this behavior.

on to being more positive today!


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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