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in love

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Just a few of the things I’m loving right now.

Jesus is ALIVE! This was the “Bible point” for the 2yo class and a good theme for Easter Sunday. I’m thankful to know that Jesus died for me, is alive today, and loves me for who I am … even when that’s not always very pretty.

My romantic hubby. I may not ever be able to get flowers because the cat finds them temptingly tasty, but Easter Sunday is our first date anniversary and Andy not only remembered, but also took us out to the Olive Garden, maybe not the actual one where it all started, since that’s in IL, but it was super sweet and a lot of fun. Salty, but a lot of fun!


Our new appliances. Who doesn’t love cool new gadgets. We got a Keurig single cup brewing machine from Kohl’s and have been enjoying it since Saturday afternoon! (Maybe a little too much). It’s just super cool. We found it for an amazing price and I went back today with my Kohls cash and got three boxes of K-cups for free. Can’t beat that! Stephan likes to get it all set up and make hot cocoa (yes, so easy even a 2yo can do it), though he will also sip some of my tea and coffee since I add milk and vanilla syrup. Mmmm.

I have been drinking more milk … which isn’t a great thing … so I’m going to have to cut back a little. I think we will need some smaller mugs and a huge bottle of vanilla syrup from Sam’s!

Magic bullet

The other appliance is my Magic Bullet. I’ve only gotten to use this once, but it worked great! Made Andy and I smoothies with some of my homemade yogurt, strawberries and blueberries. Tonight I’m going to make Jessica Seinfeld’s macaroni & cheese with cauliflower being the mystery vegetable pureed in my MB.

Stephan. While we’ve had an interesting time getting him back on track after two sporting events last week, he’s such an awesome little boy. Loved taking him to play on the Nuggets court last Wednesday and then to meet the Rockies mascot Dinger on Friday during opening day. He was a trooper on Saturday with us running a ton of errands. One was going down to the Broncos’ stadium store to get my dad a Cutler jersey since they are seriously on sale and similar colors to the Bears jerseys. When we got there Stephan insisted on going peepee in the potty so Andy took him down to where the restrooms were and he peed. Yay! When we were leaving he insisted he had to go peepee again, so I stopped in one of the port-a-pottys with him. Not my favorite, but it was closer than the other pottys. While I was pulling down Stephan’s pants and pull-up, he noticed that down the hole was “garbage” … I think the new setting was a bit much and he didn’t go peepee. We started walking back to the car and as we were buckling him in he changed his mind. I wasn’t about to take him back there again, so all the way to our next errand he cried, “I want to go peepee in the garbage!” Andy and I were having such a tough time trying not to laugh too hard. Last night he seemed to have so much to say when we were putting him to bed that I told him I’d stay in his room and chat with him. He talked my ear off about “hollercoasters” and baseball and basketball and everything else that he could think of. He even laid on the bed next to me propped up on his elbow … just like me. I loved that moment with him. This morning I heard him talking in his room about something and he said, “vice-a-vers-a,” and later today, “I know that’s right,” which I think he got from the McD’s Madagascar hippo. I’m always amazed that he can use these phrases in appropriate context!

Drinking cocoa together, which of course Stephan made …

Cocoa time
Little sips
Sharing is fun

Really the only thing I’m not loving is that I’ve got to go to work tomorrow … and this is a week with two days at my high school too, which I’m never a fan of. But knowing there are only seven more weeks till summer helps!


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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