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end of our trip highlights

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Pictures will have to come later, one thing at a time people … and I spent the afternoon beating GH Aerosmith (on easy, don’t get too excited for me).

I’ve posted pretty much everything about the farm and our crazy drive to MN on Monday.

Tuesday ~ We spent the morning taking it easy and at the local library for story time. After lunch and nap we went to visit briefly with Grandpa Stone before taking him over to dinner at Aunt Ginny & Uncle Ken’s. Most of Andy’s cousins and their kids/spouses were there. We had a wonderful dinner and a great time catching up with everyone. Grandpa is 93 and so sweet. He doesn’t remember much an repeats the same questions/statements, but one of the things he constantly repeats is how great it is to see you and how nice we came to visit.

Wednesday ~ Since we knew there wouldn’t be much time on Thursday at the mall for actual shopping, we went to the mall today and I enjoyed one of the perks of traveling to MN, no tax on clothes! We also found some great Twins hats so Andy and I now have twin Twins hats. After lunch at the mall we went home for naptime and then after we got up went to see my Gram, Aunt Charity and cousin Joy. We had a nice dinner with them and Stephan enjoyed having my aunt show him how to take batteries in and out of a timer.

Thursday ~ We started the day with breakfast with Uncle Ken & Aunt Joy. After hanging with them for a couple hours we popped over to say goodbye to Grandpa and then drove over to the Model Train Museum. We got there later than we’d wanted to, but they didn’t open on time so it all worked out just fine … and we saw Aunt Steph while we were there. How crazy is that. She was there with a friend and her children. One of the perks of this museum was their large selection of Thomas trains. We’ve been looking for a Toby train for Stephan since Christmas with no success, but the museum had one, only one, and now Stephan has his favorite train. Well, second favorite to his battery operated Thomas, but that is mainly because of the battery!

After the museum, we were inspired to head to Mickey’s Diner. What a fun experience. We were WAY past Stephan’s nap, but he hung in there pretty well. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was great. Stephan cleaned the floor with his pants … maybe fore the first time in 50 years. He fell asleep on the way home and I joined him for nap when we got back. We didn’t let him sleep for too long, wanting time for the rest of our afternoon.

After waking up, our marathon day continued. We drove over to the MOA with cousin Alicia and her kids to go to the aquarium. Stephan enjoyed this, especially when we got to the place where you walk under the fish, though he was a little too entertained by the moving walkway. After our fun at the aquarium we met my cousin Charmayne and her husband Joe and son Ethan for dinner at Famous Dave’s. After dinner we went to the twilight hours at the Nickelodeon theme part in the middle of the mall. The boys had a blast one the rides with each other and I paid for a pass too so I did the bumper cars (solo since Stephan was too small) and was able to take Stephan on the log ride.

This by far made the strongest impression on Stephan. He’s still asking to go on the rides and today even pulled out the map of the rides from somewhere and planned his next trip! He quite enjoyed hanging with cousin Ethan too.

Everyday we made it back late and to bed even later, more for us than Stephan since we stayed up talking. So we didn’t rush out the door Friday morning.

Friday ~ After a little drama on our travels to Omaha (mainly Stephan napping only a short time before lunch and then refusing to go back to sleep for a while, a very cranky long while), we made it to our hotel, unpacked a few things, and then headed over to our college friend’s home for dinner. It’s been about 10 years since we’ve seen Mark & Raquel and we enjoyed catching up with them over pizza, ice cream and fresh chocolate chip cookies. Again, we had another late night, Stephan still being such a trooper.

Saturday ~ The morning started with packing our bags and car for later and heading off to the Omaha Zoo to meet Scott & Rebecca and their little baby Eliana. We walked around the zoo for a couple hours and enjoyed lunch. Fun to see them after a year, the last time being at their home in FL. After pushing Stephan as far as we thought we could, we drove a could hours to stay with Matt & Camilla and their two daughters. Andy went to a Bronco game with Matt this past season, but I don’t think I’d seen either of them for several years. Nice to take the kids to the park with Camilla and catch up while Andy participated in Matt’s class. We ended up having a very late dinner, I’d fed Stephan so while tired, he wasn’t crabby. After dinner we put the kids to bed and hung out some before turning in ourselves.

Sunday ~ This morning we woke to the sound of train whistles and started working on getting the few things we brought in and set off for home. I’ve already posted about the drama with the snow in our parking space, the rest of the day was uneventful, aside from the wind and us all being SUPER tired! We got everything unpacked and most of the wash taken care of before bed … which finally happened at a reasonable hour.

Monday ~ Andy attempted going to work today, only to turn around and head back home after sliding off the road. Yes, more snow. He did eventually make it to work, but not till later. Stephan slept for 12 hours last night, not waking up till just after 8am. He was chipper and didn’t notice daddie was still there till he’d pretty much wandered around the whole house. That made him happy! We had a good morning, chilling to a movie and train time before lunch and then Stephan’s 3 hour nap! He must still be catching up from all the sleep lost over our crazy trip. I was able to mess around on FB, get an hour in on the Wii Fit, and set up for Guitar Hero before he woke up.

Now, I’m going to take my headache to bed so I have some amount of energy for work tomorrow. Nine more weeks till summer!


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