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a little exhaustion anyone??

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I’m exhausted right now. I want to pull out the Wii Fit and get in some exercise, but I don’t think I have any energy. This morning was a bit rough. I usually love Friday mornings with Stephan. He still wakes up pretty early, but will watch Praise Baby sitting in our bed and let mommie get some more rest. Some mornings include more rest than others, but usually it’s a nice time … and I get a few snuggle moments with Stephan too.

This morning he came and crawled in with me a little after 7am, and just wanted to cuddle. He went back to sleep. Then, after maybe 15 minutes, when I was just about to get to sleep myself, I heard Andy’s alarm clock go off. Or so I thought. It sounded really odd, like no other alarm I’d heard, since usually he wakes to a cd. The sound was almost like the ring of a cell phone. Then I started to hear chirping. Different from the nature sounds on my alarm clock. The whole time I’m just thinking, “Please stop that noise. Don’t let it wake up Stephan.” Course then it starts getting louder. That’s when I realized it was a freakin’ woodpecker. And Stephan woke up. And was scared of the noise. I got him settled with a Praise Baby and some cheerios and cup of milk and thankfully, by that time, the woodpecker had gone on to torment someone else. I eventually did get some rest, but it wasn’t the greatest of mornings.

Add to that Andy and I staying up late to play LEGO Indiana Jones and I started the day out a little wiped. I’m so glad that I went out yesterday to get what I needed for Andy’s birthday. After a bowl of cereal (if you haven’t tried the new chocolate mini mini wheats you should they ROCK!), Stephan and I started work on “daddie’s birthday.” He loves to help in the kitchen and most of the time I enjoy his help. We made the batter, got the cake in the oven and then I washed all the dishes. It is his birthday after all, and who wants to do a bunch of chores on their birthday. I’m hoping that will make Andy happy! While I think the cake may have spent about 5 minutes too long in the oven, it looks great. Thanks to Pam spray with flour, the cake came out of the pan PERFECTLY! I’ve never been that lucky! After getting Stephan set up to decorate daddie’s birthday card, the UPS man came with my package from Old Navy.

We then finished up coloring and stickering and started trying on all our new clothes. All the shirts fit me fine, I shouldn’t have to worry about them shrinking in the dryer either, since they are all a little loose. The pants were another story. Usually ON seems to be small so I got the pants in a size 20. The good news is that they are quite large on me. I’m hoping that if washed in hot water and dryed on hot, that they will shrink and fit me. I’m glad they don’t fit, but bummed since they were clearanced and I can’t just order a smaller size and exchange them. If they don’t fit me, even after the washing and drying, I’ll pass them on to a friend or my sister and see if they work for them … or maybe take them back to ON. I really hope they work though, since they are cute. I guess I could also try taking them to a tailor since one pair was $3 and the other pair $10. But I’m not sure if that would be worth it or not. Stephan loved trying on all his clothes too. We got him four shirts and three pants in size 4T for next fall/winter. He also tried on all the clothes we got on clearance at Kohl’s. Should be pretty much set for next winter. We’ll just need a warm coat and maybe we’ll be able to find him some winter boots. He wanted to show everything to daddie, so I told him we’d do a show for daddie tonight.

After that, and getting the wash started, I intercepted Stephan smashing my softened butter for the frosting, got him cleaned up and started on lunch. Made him macaroni & cheese and gave him some corn to munch on while that was cooking. Kid loves corn now. Frozen. Right out of the freezer. Cracks me up. I put some in the bottom of his bowl and he said, “mommie, fill it up.” He certainly didn’t need to eat a bowl full of corn, but I did give him a little more. He also wanted one of my baby carrots, so I cut one up for him.

Lunch ended with some chocolate for Stephan, he loves 3 Musketeer bars. We then made the frosting so it could chill in the fridge during naptime and while I cleaned up all those dishes, Stephan played.

Then he crashed for nap.

All that before 1pm. Phew!

I think I might just wrap this up and watch The City and maybe play Super Paper Mario before Stephan wakes up. Then I’ll set him up on the Wii Fit and frost the cake and make sure everything is ready for dinner so when Andy’s almost home tonight I can get that going quickly.

I hope Andy has a wonderful birthday. We love him so much!


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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