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winter and football

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Not sure these two always mix in my book. Here’s why. I’ve mentioned before that Andy has season tickets to the Broncos now, one of his life goals and all that. I’ve been lucky so far this year. I’ve been to three games and the coldest it got was maybe 50 degrees. Our seats are in the sunny side of the stadium so even when it gets a bit chilly it’s not really all that bad.

Until now.

Sure it’s not like Green Bay or anything, but it’s going to be friggin’ COLD on Sunday and of course we have tickets to the game and planned on going together it being the last game of the year and all. Ok, I wanted to go because they usually give out a lot of free crap at the last game and thought it would be fun. Now I’m a little concerned I might become a human popsicle. I’ve got a few things to keep me warm, we did go to one of the Olympic snowboarding events in Salt Lake and got all cold weather ready for that. Been thinking about what to bundle up in.

Head gear

We stopped at Dick’s tonight to try and exchange my gloves yet another time* (third time’s supposed to be the charm, right?) and found these great Under Armour cold weather hoods. We got them in black so we look like we might rob a bank after the game, but at least our head, ears and neck should stay warm. I’ll be adding my fuzzy warm hat and have a down jacket with a hood so hopefully, I’ll not be too frozen.

We’re also taking our stadium chairs and I’ll at least be taking my warm stadium blanket for my legs. At least we’ll make a fun memory!

*The glove story: I got a great magentaish fuzzy fleece from Dick’s in October and was coveting the brown gloves and hat in the same material, which I ended up getting in November. Earlier this week I noticed that some of the material on one glove was coming apart. Since I had a hard time even finding the gloves in the first place and ended up getting a medium not a large, I figured I’d never be able to get them exchanged. Thursday I called several Dick’s stores and found a replacement. I drove there after work, tried them on and since they seemed to fit fine exchanged them. However, after wearing them a bit I started noticing that one glove was poking my fingertips since there are rubber gripies on the tips and the stitching was not quite right. Urg. They are $25 gloves! On the way home from Andy’s yummy Christmas party/dinner we stopped at a Dick’s along the way. Not only did they have the gloves, they had a LARGE! While the fingertips are still a little poky, now the gloves are large enough that they don’t hurt at all. I’m happy that’s finally fixed.


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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