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crazy, snowy night

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It started snowing this afternoon around 3 or shortly after. I’d run out to get a new hair towel (mine’s decided that it will smell like mildew no matter how I clean it) and go get my back and neck fixed by my chiropractor.

We came home and I pulled out the little tent we used when Stephan was a baby and we traveled so he could have a spaceship to go with his space suit that he wanted to wear today. He’d been asking to wear it yesterday too, but I thought he was asking for his swimsuit to go in the space ship, which didn’t make any sense really. We had some fun going to the gym and the store and my chiro with his space suit on. Silly boy!

After Andy came home I got a call that Bible study was canceled because it was still snowing out and getting a little messy on the roads. We decided to be nuts and go out to the mall. We wanted to get another go round of shots with Santa this year and wanted to go on a night that wouldn’t be super busy. What better than a weeknight when it’s snowing like mad outside? The mall isn’t more than a mile or two away either so off we went.

Stephan was of course playing shy and not sure about the whole thing. Loved this one toy they had that spun and lit up. That was all he wanted to do, play with the toy. No smiling for pictures. I wasn’t hoping for awesomeness, just a decent picture worth paying $30 for. In the end we got ok shots, but we had to insist on them taking more and letting Stephan stand on the stool and hold the toy.

We got a couple that weren’t too bad  …

so serious working on a smile
and here’s the one we paid the big bucks for:

astronaut visits santa

Not the greatest, but not bad. After Santa we headed over to Build-a-Bear to make Stephan’s first bear. I got a coupon for $5 off any bear and thought he’d be old enough to dig it. He enjoyed stuffing the bear, though the initial noise of the stuffing machine freaked him a bit he got into it. Hesitated with the heart ritual and putting the heart in the bera, so we did that all together. LOVED washing off his bear, and we did so several times before we left the store. We didn’t know what to name the bear and looked through their bear name book. Decided upon “Norman” as that seemed to fit the outfit Stephan picked out.
riding in the car with norman washing off my new bear hugging my new bear giving my bear a heart getting my bears heart ready

We then traveled out to the little cluster of fun and I figured Stephan would ride the spaceship since he’d been wearing his spacesuit and talking about riding in a spaceship all day. He got in and instantly got nervous and wanted to get out. Then decided to ride in the little car which he enjoyed despite the very serious look on his face … and promptly went back to the spaceship and wanted to ride. Unfortunately, he only gets one ride so he just got to sit in the spaceship and play with the controls. Maybe next time.

don't bother me working the controls where'd he go finally riding in a spaceship so serious about driving

After all that fun we stopped for some hot chocolate and then braved the snowy drive home. Word to the wise, just because your shoes are new and comfy and you want to wear them doesn’t mean it’s a good idea when it’s snowy outside.

Now I’m going to bed. I’m tired and I think Stephan is finally asleep too. Going to get my new hair towel out of the dryer and hopefully fall asleep very quickly!


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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