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last day on the farm

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We are off to Denver as soon as our friends come back and Andy eats some lunch. They went to church but we did not. I had an awful night last night, waking every couple hours to run to the bathroom. All the while praying that I would feel better for our drive home today.

I got some extra rest this morning and now am feeling a tad better. Just ate some chicken broth and crackers. Trying to make sure I get in enough water too. Thankfully we are not completely in the middle of nowhere like some of the stretches in Montana where there are no services for a hundred miles or so. And I’m not going to eat lunch, no matter how tasty it looks. I think that was my issue yesterday. I ate nothing for breakfast but the grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch sounded, and tasted, so delicious! Then for dinner there was ham and smashed potatoes and sweet corn and apple sauce. I even ate a little key lime pie. Probably why I was up all night in spite of taking some drugs.

We finally have a pretty nice day. The weather isn’t too cold and the wind isn’t blowing hard. Stephan’s out back playing with Andy some and we already went out to see the goats again and wandered down by the llamas, though they won’t come close enough so you can touch them, not even the baby. At least they wandered close enough to get some good pictures. When Stephan says llama it sounds like mama. So cute! In between bouts of yuck yesterday I got out to see the goats and also drove the tractor. Well, I steered it down the road at least. Stephan got to ride and we also rode on the ATV, all firsts for me. Andy did some shooting, a little target practice. He did well, maybe thanks to Duck Hunt, and it’s equivalent on Wii Play?

I hope we can make it back in the spring. Think that would be fun, maybe come for a little longer weekend … and NOT bring the sickies with us.

The weekend in pictures (sorry they all link first to my other blog, it’s easier than uploading them all twice):

feedin time how many goats fit in the bucket at least three can all six goats get some o dat gimme thatsock n cinnamon in search of corn grubbin cinnamon saying hello so excited stomping the bucketclimbing cinnamon on top this is my good side we three kings

stephan feeding the goats warming up with cocoa chasing cats stephan the farmer chasing goatscan i drive it sitting with daddie loving the tractor trying to shift gears and he's offriding the ATV learning to drive stephan's tractor ride view from the driver's seat

whatch u doin this is my food motorcycle rider still hungry sitting in the tractortractoring feeding goats hungry hungry goats eating with the goats stephan loves goats

greg n cindy
Our FABULOUS hosts!

While I started this post before we left, I just got the pictures all uploaded. We made it home. Took about five hours and some drama was involved when it was time for dinner. Stephan decided he wanted nuggets and then refused to eat them. We ended up having to have the light on while Andy drove so Stephan would eat. Interesting. Now we are home and I am exhausted. Thankfully, I’m also feeling loads better! All ready for a fun Monday washing clothes and stuff and getting settled in for the week ahead.


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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