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i should do this more often

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Stephan amazes me sometimes. More often than not lately. I look at him or Andy in amazement and think, “where did this kid come from, and is he really only 2?”

Here’s my best attempt at remembering our conversations earlier this evening:

The afternoon starts with me telling Stephan we are going to walk to the park and when we come home go to the grocery store to buy some macaroni and cheese.

So off to the park. When we are all done and walking home Stephan mentions going to get macaroni and cheese.

We get piled in the car and head to the store. He sees the boxes of macaroni and gets very excited about them as mac’n’cheese is his all time favorite food right now. On the way to the car he says something but all I catch is “hot” the rest is gibberish, even though he repeats it twice for me. I didn’t let him hold the box in the car as I feared having dry noodles all over by the time we got home.

He protested but I assured him he could carry in two boxes when we got home. After unbuckling him he hopped down and counted “one … two” as he pulled out exactly two boxes and then got out of the car saying, “I carry in two boxes.” Then on the way in he says the sentence again with hot, though this time we figured it out, “can I go put it on the hot.” So he knows that it’s not ready to eat out of the box and that we need to use the stove to make it hot and cook it. As soon as we get inside he sits down and started to open one of the boxes. He wasn’t happy that we still had some leftover from nana’s Thursday and insisted on the “different one” though he did eventually eat the leftovers.

I’m just amazed at how he’s putting everything together.

Friday we went to the Christian bookstore and came away with the Third Day Christmas Offerings cd for $5. What does Stephan say on the way inside? “Can we put this on my iPod?” Completely unprompted!

Tonight at dinner he made us totally giggle. Since August he’s been taught Barak Obama and John McCain and will say one or the other at times. When they are talking about the on the news he repeats the names over and over. We get a phone call from an area code we sort of reccognize and I don’t answer thinking it’s a political call. Andy mentions John McCain and then Stephan says, “I love John McCain.” We bust out laughing so he repeats it over and over. Thatnkfully when we call papa and nana to give them a laugh too he first says “I love nana & papa!”

He’s going to be a challenge this little bugger!


Author: AngieK

My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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