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thankful thursday: saturday edition

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Thursday was too busy for posting and our internets stopped working Thursday morning. Friday ended up being quite busy as well. So here’s what I’m thankful for … finally!

Thankful I’m 30! Every day is a treasured gift and I have had an interesting few years on this planet. I don’t know where the time goes, but am happy with where I am and what I’ve accomplished so far. God is good!

Thankful Andy surprised me with a party last week. I had so much fun and am glad he was able to completely surprise me … he who can never keep a secret!

Thankful that I’ll be able to get my birthday present soon … a new Coach purse. I hope they still have the one I liked back in August, but if not I’m sure I’ll find something I like or will save my money and keep checking back. I love outlets.

Thankful Stephan’s feeling better. He got some nastiness on Tuesday and was up most of the night (thankful he kept asking for daddie and I got sleep) and then was a bear on Wednesday. We finally thought to give the poor kid some Tylenol and he cheered up and ate some dinner. He slept better that night too, not much but a bit. Thursday he snuggled a bunch with his nana and has been doing better ever since. I’m so happy he’s chipper and hope his overflow of snot goes away soon. I know, TMI. Sorry.

Thankful I keep things for forever. Being a pack rat isn’t great and I do try and purge my life and home of things I don’t need, but some things are hard to part with. I’ve had a pair of shoes for a little over five years that don’t really fit. I bought them a size bigger and realized after wearing them for a couple interviews that it had been a bad idea. They were cute shoes though and I guess I always hoped they would work. Wednesday I met with the young woman I counsel at my high school and somehow we started talking about shoes. I found out she might fit into my cute black interview shoes and brought them for her to try on the next day. She’d had a rough morning and it made my day to give her the shoes, watch her break out into a big grin when they fit and then continue to wear them the rest of the day! Now the shoes have a new home and I’m glad to have finally put them to good use.

Thankful for time with friends. I was able to catch up some with a friend on Thursday evening and then another on Friday afternoon and yet another on Friday night. Such a great way to spend my time!

Thankful our internets are working again. I’m not happy we have to find a new modem but am glad to be back in touch with my internet universe. And the Comcast guy was really nice too.

Thankful we have a home. I think once in a while about wanting more space, but when it comes down to it, I have a home and a comfy bed and that’s more than a lot of people.

Thankful we don’t have to pull out Christmas decorations this year … since we never put them away last year J We need to restring the lights on the garland around my Beartivity, but the stockings are all hung and we aren’t going to mess with a tree this year so we are all set once we replace the burnt out light strand.

Thankful for my upcoming break from school. I have a full week next week and then only one day the week after. I get a nice long break over Halloween which I’m excited about because it’s a break and Halloween can be a mess in school so I’m glad that will be avoided too.

Thankful for my new clothes. I often get a bit bored with what’s in my closet and after getting a gift certificate, rewards check, and coupon I went shopping for a few new shirts. One fell apart in the wash, but after returning that today I went to the outlet and got a blazer and a couple shirts in it’s place.

Thankful I’m getting the wash done. Things have been busy and I’m never a fan of the wash, especially the folding part. Most of our weekly ton of laundry is still in the washer/dryer, but at least we’ll have clean clothes!

Thankful gas prices are coming down and hopeful they will continue to come down!

Thankful that work went well this week. I have to be super intentional and structured with my time at my middle school, especially on weeks when I’m only there one day. I got a lot done this week and am looking forward to having two days next week so I can maybe catch up some and possibly even get ahead. Hopefully soon I will also be thankful for my new computer.

Thankful they figured out the problem with my September paycheck and I’m hopeful that I’ll get paid the right amount this month with my increase in time and also for the few extra days I worked in September. I really don’t want to have to wait till the end of November for everything to be corrected.


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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