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a birthday surprise

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Well I had an interesting day … urm … evening.

Andy and I took Stephan to the museum today to hang with the dinosaurs and then came home, ate lunch, put the kid down for nap. All the usual boring stuff.

Then a friend and I headed out for a little girl bonding. The plan: go to Jamba, even though it was chilly out, wander around the mall, and then go out for happy hour drinks to celebrate my birthday.

We had a great time talking and catching up and I got a new pair of sunglasses cheap because I had a birthday coupon from Sunglass Hut and found a super clearanced pair. What can I say I love accessories. I also found a cute shirt for Stephan next summer and a little tie for him to wear. Then we were off to happy hour.


My first surprise party EVER!

Andy got me good. I told him a couple months ago I wanted a party this year due to the whole 30-is-a-milestone thing. I also let him know I wasn’t going to nag him about it. I didn’t want to plan my own party. After not hearing him mention anything (he’s notorious for not being able to keep a secret!) I sort of assumed he’d forgotten and was a bit sad and hurt. (There was also the time last week Andy, Stephan and I were out walking and after a text from my friend Natalie I said something to Andy like, “Natalie wants to know if she was invited to my party,” and he said, “oh crap.” That pretty much made me think he’d forgotten and there was no hope for a party.)

Thankfully, he did remember and it was AWESOME!!

I’m still a little stunned. Apparently he Natalie and Shannon have been scheming on facebook. Little did I know their tactics were all to keep me in the dark and worked quite well! Natalie and I were walking upstairs where the restaurant has their happy hour and taco bar and I was wondering why she kept walking past all these empty tables … and then why someone would be taking a picture of the restaurant … and then realized that someone taking the picture was Shannon … and there were a lot of people I knew sitting around her. My first thought was, “what a coincidence that they are here for happy hour too.” Then I saw my sneaky hubby and another table full of friends.

I was so surprised.

A lot of little things started to made sense. Andy saying Uncle Dan was “in town” and coming over, telling Dan on the phone he wouldn’t have to worry about changing any poopy diapers. And I thought he was maybe planning a date. There were conversations and text messages that now make a lot of sense. As well as my friend Shannon not responding to my invite to the gym on Friday, for like three weeks. She was avoiding me so she didn’t spill the beans.

There were a good number of friends there too.  A few people couldn’t make it, but without me putting together any sort of guest list (which I’d thought about doing on a few occasions as a subtle reminder for Andy that I wanted a party) pretty much everyone I would have wanted to be included was there or invited but unable to come. The only thing that would have floored me more was having my mom or sister or some other family there.

I’m still reeling a little from the surprise and will post pictures if I get them from friends since Andy forgot my camera when he left the house.

I do have a Polaroid to scan of myself in a lovely sombrero hat with my little cake …

Turning 30 isn’t so bad!


Author: AngieK

My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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  1. Happy Birthday! What a great surprise!!!

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