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rainy days

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One of my first posts this month was about how HOT it was as the NaBloPoMo theme for the month was HOT. Yesterday we completely kicked hot in the arse and apparently it’s staying away for a bit. We are getting a TON of rain too. Went from sunshine and 80s to rain, rain, rain and 50s. Tomorrow it’s still supposed to be rainy, but maybe in the 70s and then back to the 80s Monday. Nice to have a little respite from the heat.

It’s also nice to experience a super rainy couple days. We don’t get a whole lot of moisture out here, especially not this time of year. Once a dj on KBCO referenced the month of June as the “greening of Colorado” and another said that time of year was followed rapidly by the “browning” which is typically July/August. Often when rain comes this time of year it’s a brief afternoon thunderstorm. So two, maybe three, days of pretty much solid rain is unusual.  Sort of like a location warp and we now live in Seattle or something.

Unfortunately, the gym was SUPER busy because of the rain and the fact that it’s Saturday. There was a waiting list for the kids club. Thankfully, Stephan was first in line and after debating for a few minutes if we should wait or not, a couple kids got picked up and Stephan was in. We were able to get a decent workout in and by the time we left the rain had let up a bit.

Tonight Andy’s off to his first Bronco game in his new universe of season tickets. I feel a bit bad for him, having to go in a potential rainstorm, but he’ll make it and I’m sure he and his friend will have a great time together!


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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