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frandom friday

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Excited it’s the weekend again, especially after having started work this week. I like alliteration, have since good old HR in junior English class. This post is usually something I do on Thursday and I like to call it something like Thankful Thursday. Hence the somewhat odd title, in case you were curious or about to tell me I need spell check.

This week was interesting and full of stress, but here are the things I’m grateful for in the midst of all that.

Childcare. We have a wonderful set of caregivers. Nana and papa are fabulous and love hanging out with Stephan as much as he loves hanging out with them! Mrs. Sarah also adores Stephan and he has a blast playing there. So much so he didn’t nap today. Well, that and maybe the thunderstorm, who knows.

Tonight’s Bedtime. After so many nights of drama at bedtime the kid went to bed without a fight and without getting out of bed ONCE. That’s right. We didn’t even need to put up both gates. Probably wouldn’t have even needed one. Guess that’s the blessing from no nap earlier. We won’t be getting rid of nap time anytime soon though. I’m not quite ready to give up that break!

Scheduling. For now it appears my schedule is working out the way I need it too. Hopefully that will stick and no one at my new school will be annoyed with me about the days I need to work.

Free burritos. So I got tacos and Andy got a burrito, details. I won a few prizes at my sometimes boring all day psych/sw meeting, both including a free burrito coupon for Chipotle. We got an impromptu dinner out for very little cash and it was TASTY!

Savings on gas. The grocery store has a deal where if you spend $100 in groceries you can save 10cents per gallon on gas. We don’t usually spend enough money there since we shop at Super Target, but my MIL does most of her shopping there and there are no stores with gas stations nearby so we get to use her gas savings! So pretty much every time we fill up this month we get to save 10cents. Makes it slightly more bearable to get gas.

Reconnecting. I enjoyed reconnecting with several of my coworkers. I don’t often get to chat with my fellow psychs and see the social workers I’ve worked with at various schools. Today at our meeting there was some time to see how everyone was doing, discover some are preggo and that one friend had a baby girl six months ago. Good times.

The hubby. We had a great time up in the mountains on Monday and he’s been working hard all week. I’m also happy that his physical went pretty well this afternoon. Some things to take care of but nothing that can’t be remedied.

The kidlet. He’s a sweetie even though he can drive me nuts at times. I love it when he says. “I love you,” and when he wants to give kisses. He’s precious!


Author: AngieK

My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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