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park playdate

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A friend had mentioned this really cool park to take the kids to. While it sounded familiar, it took me actually going there to remember why. There are some great things there, and Stephan had fun, but it was just too much work for me to enjoy.

Here’s the scoop.

We started with the train. Not bad. We had fun. Stephan LOVED it. That was $2 since sure enough he’s two now so we have to pay for him and me. A bit loud, so I couldn’t hear much of what Stephan said but he really enjoyed the train ride and talked about it for the rest of our time at the park.

Next up, the petting zoo. Another $2. A whole mess of chaos. It was pretty much a free-for-all once you got inside. Kids running every which way and most of the time parents were in tow. Like being at the park, only with animals. And hay, and animal poo. You get the idea. So I was chasing after Stephan, trying to keep him out of the water strewn about in various bins for the animals and from chasing the chickens and being gentle with the animals. I gave up keeping him out of the poo. Bumped my head several times too since the structures were all low. Neat to see him enjoying the animals and seeing sheep and cows up close, but after five minutes I was ready to bolt. We stayed for at least 10 mins I think. Then we washed up and headed out. Of course his shoes were full of yuck. I got some of it off and then most of the rest came off at the playground running around on the wood chips.

When we left the petting zoo, the other mom we were with wanted to go play in the creek. All the older kids (6, 4, 3) wanted to as well. I was fine with them going, but I wasn’t about to take Stephan. This reminded me of why the park sounded so familiar. Another friend told me last summer she hated this park. The petting zoo. The dangerous creek. I wasn’t in the mood to get Stephan all in his swimsuit to play in the creek for 20 minutes. And you know if I let him play in his clothes he’d’ve sat down and gotten everything soaked. They decided to just come with me on up to the playground.

The playground was nice, but since it’s new to Stephan and I, I had to be a bit more vigilant in paying attention to him than usual. Super hot out today too. He did at least break for lunch and eat relatively well before running off to play again. Tough to enjoy conversation with adults though when you have to make sure no one else’s kid is trampling over your own and that he can navigate the play equipment well enough to not fall off. Thankfully he’s got pretty solid gross motor skills and does pretty well.

The whole experience was challenging though. Tiring too.

I was so glad to pop him in the stroller and head home.

Not sure we’ll be going back to that park anytime soon. We’ll see.


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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