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for the love of breck

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Can I just preface this with this: I hate WP’s new “media gallery” and how annoying it is now to put pictures up on WP and get them in a post. I took the time to put all the pictures up and was going to do the lame “gallery” thing and in the middle of putting the gallery in the post WP froze and now all the pictures are on WP but no longer in a “gallery” so I have to figure out how to get them in a “gallery” or go through all the drama of putting 21 pictures in the post individually. I think I need a manual for this whole WP photo thing. After writing all that and then going again to add the images, they are now all back in the gallery, so here you go. Pictures first, explanation later …
Andy took the day off today and we decided to head up to Breckinridge as it’s right up I-70 and doesn’t take too long. More time to have fun, less time and gas driving.

Seemed to take a while to get up there today but it’s a pretty drive and Stephan loved the super long Eisenhower tunnel. About halfway through the tunnel we heard a loud “POP” and thought something happened with our car, or that a nearby truck backfired. When we got to Breck we discovered that neither was the case, the altitude had poped open our bag of chips.

Here are a few more pictures of the magnificent Rocky Mountains.

We really enjoy the town of Breck. Wandering around the shops and enjoying the wonderful views. Stephan enjoyed hanging out by the rushing river.

Sometimes we seriously contemplate moving up to the mountains, but the commutes to Denver and Boulder would so not be very fun and finding jobs nearby probalby wouldn’t be all that easy. Sure is fun to trek up there for the day though.

Talk about tired. We had an interesting picnic lunch, I forgot to pack Stephan’s lunchable. He did eat his cheese stick, peas and a few blueberries, but no meat. We decided to stop at Wendy’s and get him some chicken nuggets. He was drowsy when we finally got there, and fell asleep during chicken nugget #2. Of course Andy and I decided we wanted to wander around a couple of the outlet shops in Silverthorne and he woke up and finished the rest of his nuggets. While I coveted a new purse from the Coach outlet, I did not get anything, and neither did Andy.

Before leaving we stopped at the restrooms and Stephan decided he had to go potty too. No, he’s not potty trained yet, I think he just wanted in on the action too. Since they had a family restroom we figured we’d give it a shot, since he was interested. Very nice bathroom. There were two rooms, the first had a nice comfy chair for nursing and a diaper changing area with a sink. The other had both a normal size and toddler size potty. I’ve never seen a restroom like this and thought it was neat. (Hence the picture I had to take and consequently share).

Stephan also enjoyed the river here. We even found a way to wander down right by the water.

We made it home, though after our stop at the outlet mall Stephan didn’t fall back asleep till we were almost home. We stretched out his nap some by running an errand at Office Depot. I needed wanted some new school supplies (it’s still the best time of year for that kind of stuff) and had a coupon. The coupon was actually for Office Max, but OD had the awesomely adoreable and functional 4GB jump drive I wanted on sale and with them taking the coupon from OM I ended up getting a free notebook and some mechanical pencils to share with Andy. Had to get their 5cent pack of pencil erasers to get to my $30 for the coupon, but all I really paid for was the jump drive which is AWESOME! Great upgrade from my rapidly filling up 512MB JD I’ve had for about three years.


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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