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You might be thinking HUH? Well. Keep thinking that, it’s fine. I don’t always make sense and that’s ok.

I’m sitting here in the hallway amazed it’s already August. (Where does the time go?) Since I’ve decided to try and post here everyday for this month, here goes post #1.

Nothing really all that exciting. We are still waiting on our voucher to replace Stephan’s crib. I finally called today and they are supposedly “rushing” it out though with it being Friday and all we most likely won’t see anything till the middle of next week. We aren’t in a rush on it. He’s doing ok with the big bed. Recently he decided he wanted to sleep on his crib mattress for a few days, but chose the big bed again for nappy today. He’s really pushing boundaries with us at bedtime. Getting out of bed, if we aren’t in the hall he’ll climb over his gate and come out. Wants to be “tuck in” over and over. Even at naptime. Some days I want to pull my hair out. We are working on sticking to boundaries and hopefully he’ll get that we aren’t going to tuck him in more than twice and it really is time for nap/bed when we say it is and this will resolve itself soon. Sitting in the hall, where I am now, is not so comfy.

Which makes me think about the whole gate thing. I have taken them down during the day. He will pretty much climb over them anyway if he really wants something. However, it’s like he can’t stay in his bed if they are not up. I’ll ask him if he needs the gate up and he’ll say “no” but then get out of bed and run from his room instantaneously. I ask again about the gate and he’ll say “put gate up” so I do. How do you get a toddler to stay in his room when he can defeat anything you do to keep him in there?

We are concerned Stephan has an ear infection too. Last Saturday he woke up screaming and digging his finger in his ear. We cuddled him, I slept in the big bed with him (once again loving that we have a full size bed in his room), and the next day he seemed completely fine. Everything seemed fine till last night. The same thing happened again. We wondered if he’d had a bad dream or something. I’m still not even sure he actually woke up ever. But he was screaming and writhing about. Took forever to get him calm and all of us back to sleep. Didn’t seem to have a fever either. He woke pretty early and I did eventually get him back to sleep with me. When he woke up he was screaming again. I thought maybe it was because he was laying on his ear or something. After lunch when he was calm and playing I asked him if his ear hurt and he said yes and then I asked which ear and he pointed at his left ear, the same one that seems to pop up with issues all week long.

So now we have an appt with a Dr. this afternoon and we will officially find out if he in fact does have an ear infection. Will be nice to know but I’m not looking forward to the copay, or fighting to get the right antibiotic if he needs one. He’s allergic to penicillin and I’ve had too many people tell me about rushing to the ER after cephalosporins (there’s a article on the web that says 1 in 10 people who come in allergic to cephalosporins are also allergic to penicillins). So they always try and convince me it’s no big deal but I put my foot down and they usually begrudgingly give us a sulpha type antibiotic. Not looking forward to the trip but at least we’ll know.

And can I say how annoyed I am that my trial version of Word has expired. At least I should be getting it again here as soon as school starts. But I’m not excited about two weeks without Word. At least I’m not in school right now needing to write papers!

Someone’s not napping, so TTFN!


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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