The Life & Times of Mommiehood

Here I am finding my way through uncharted waters.

life is a love/hate relationship

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Two things I post about on my other blog regularly are Things on Tuesday (where I write about things I hate followed by some things I love) and Thursday Thanks (where I list out several things I’m thankful for). I combined them this week and decided I’d post them here as well.

So seriously HATING:

That I got mad at Stephan for getting out of bed several times before he finally fell asleep at naptime. I know it was super late for nap, he was probably over tired. I just wanted him to know I was serious about naptime but I was probably more angry than firm.

My schedule for next year. Well, more the fact that it’s not set yet. One school wants me Tuesday, the other Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and I really need to work Thursday since that day is set for nana & papa. I don’t think both Andy and his dad can change their schedules to make it work on another day. I’m trying to trust that it will work out, but it’s so easy for me to stress and worry. The other thing that sucks is that in three weeks I’ll be back at work. Ugh.

That I still haven’t gotten around to getting thank yous taken care of for Stephan. I want him to make them himself with crayons or paint and we just haven’t gotten to it yet. I need to be more focused so we get them done. Thankfully we only have a few.

People who are so completely selfish they cannot (or simply refuse) see how their actions impact others.

Not always knowing how to support and comfort my friends when they are hurting. I listen but wish sometimes I could do more.

So seriously THANKFUL!

That I was able to go spend time with a friend today. She lives about 45 mins away and is busy so we don’t often get to connect and I so miss her. Was nice to chat, catch up, and let our kids play in the nice kiddie pool at her townhome complex. I’m also thankful the rain held off and we had sunshine!

I finally have my new license from CDE! I’ll need to make sure everyone at district headquarters gets a copy, but I might scan it in and email it to them. They can print it out and file it.

That my little brother and his girlfriend are coming out for a visit soon. I’m excited to see them again and hopefully be able to spend some time getting to know them better.

I am starting to see some muscles in my upper arms. My time at the gym is accomplishing something!! Thank you Shannon!!!

That, at least for the moment, our AC is still working. We so can’t afford to replace it right now.

I had a nice day with my in-laws. Yesterday I trekked up to Loveland to hang with them and Stephan. I got to chat with my MIL, went to lunch with my MIL and FIL and Andy joined us too. Nice time.

Stephan got some neat gifts from his aunt, uncle & cousins. I should post pictures of the animal/pillow/blanket they sent. So cool. He also got a neat rubble ball with glitter inside that’s fun to play with and some bubbles for bathtime. What a nifty box of birthday goodies.

That my trial to Office hasn’t expired yet and I should be able to get it from work shortly after it does.

We have childcare for Stephan. Same as last year too, so there’s consistency. The schedule might be a mess but at least I’m not also having to interview people and all that.

My hubby. He’s supportive and encouraging. We’re on the same page about a huge decision. He’s working on finishing updating our wills so we can get them signed soon. The old ones were pre-Stephan and they need updating! He’s a rockstar!!



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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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