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stephan’s birthday

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What’s the month of July, but the month that Stephan came into our lives two years ago. Hard to believe that he’s already two, time sure does fly!

I’ve been neglectful of this blog and apologize for that. Next month I’m going to do NaBloPoMo and I think I’m going to post here. Yep, every day for the whole month of August. So stay tuned folks.

Back to the present. Stephan’s had a great month! He’s been showered with love and many gifts and while there have been some annoying transitions forced upon him he’s held up pretty well.

At the beginning of the month we discovered his crib was recalled and began the nightmare process of fixing that situaion. This involved filling out an online form, taking apart his crib and transitioning him to sleeping on his mattress on the floor, waiting a week and a half to get the packet from Jardine, sealing up the envelope full of bolts, sending it off, and now waiting for our voucher to arrive so we can purchase a new crib. During this process Stephan began showing an interest in the full size bed in his room. Wanting to sleep there for naps and at bedtime. He napped there twice, but we were hesitant to have him sleep there at night without a bed rail to keep him from rolling out. Now that we have a bed rail he’s adjusting to the change in his room and is hesitant to sleep there. We are hopeful that in time he’ll want to sleep there and are not wanting to force the change on him. Time will tell. We are thankful that we have decided not to rush out and buy a crib. Nothing at BRU seems to be right and are hopeful that once the voucher comes we will find something that works for us and our budget before it expires. The blessing in disguise is that whenever baby #2 comes along there will be a brand new crib for him/her.

Birthdays are always fun celebrations and in the midst of all the trauma drama of the crib fiasco Shephan has enjoyed a wonderful month full of family, friends and fun.

Our “gift” to him was more a toddler pacification device for our road trip to Santa Fe. So in addition to his iPod Shuffle we also found him a guitar. No plastic electronic device for him, he’d know it wasn’t the real deal and ignore the thing wanting daddie’s. Thankfully we found an inexpensive real guitar designed for young children, maybe not as young as Stephan but it’s small and came with large pics that are easier for him to hang on to. A wonderful activitiy for him to do with daddie and a great way for him to learn how to treat a guitar.

Other fun things that have been part of his month: a small wading pool that fits on our deck out back so he can go swimming, a battery operated bubble blower that provides bubble fun even mommie can appreciate, new veggie tales tunes so we have more than ten songs to listen to, the new set of Kohl’s Cares books by Eric Carle, his birthday party and several fun presents.

That last one deserves a bit more attention. We had a wonderful party at Sarah’s house. He’s comfortable there since he spends several hours a week playing while I work during the school year. And the best part is that they have a BACKYARD! So we found a day when his two friends could both come and play, brought his favorite foods (mac’n’cheese, hotdogs, strawberries, apple juice, 3 Musketeer bars & homemade ice cream), and had fun playing in the pool and opening presents.

The loot included wooden blocks & binoculars coursesy of his friends Jeyda; the Veggie Tales worship cd, washable paints & nesting blocks from his friend Kayla; Mr. Potato Head (who underwent a return to become Mrs. Potato Head since he already had the Mr.) & parts to make a Potato Pirate from Uncle Dan; and a snuggly bear, Courderoy book, fire station (with working garage door) & Leap Frog amazing alphabet  entertainment device from his nana and papa. He’s been enjoying everything!

Previously he’d also recieved a gift from his great-gram, great aunt Charity & cousin Joy, a bear from B-a-B that we promptly named Firework due to his patriotic fur and Stephan’s newfound love for fireworks. Grammie sent some cash and Stephan picked out a new bath toy, a pengiun that squeaks and squirts water, and a USA Olympic rings t-shirt for Firework.

He’s one blessed kid, and I’m one blessed mama. There are always ups and downs, but he’s a wonderful boy and I’m more often than not amazed that he was given to me. So that’s enough for today, we’ll see you again soon …. well, maybe in August anyway 🙂

Okay, just to make this the longest post ever, here are some pictures for your enjoyment …


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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