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after three years, i finally did it

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Yup, folks. I locked my keys in the car. I used to do this every six months or so when I had my Paseo. Since getting a car with a key fob that has the lock/unlock buttons I haven’t done it. Until yesterday. Of course I have to do it with the car running (and gas prices through the roof) and the kid in the car (so it was a good thing the car was running) … and that we still pay our monthly OnStar dues! Every once in a while I think paying them almost $20 a month isn’t worth it, but it paid off yesterday.

Let me set the scene for you as it does take a series of ridiculous events for me to actually lock my keys in my car now.

Stephan adores pushing buttons. He wants to push buttons all the time and it’s the one thing he’s always perseverating on. As we are walking out of the gym he wants to push the button to unlock the car. I let him. He then takes the keys from me and as I open his car door he pushes the buttons some more. I get him all strapped into his seat, give him his milk (which he’s finally drinking out of a sippy cup with NO DRAMA!) and decide to get the car started before I walk over to my door since it’s quite hot outside.

I then get out, shut the door and walk over to my door. WHICH DOESN’T OPEN. I know we have OnStar so I don’t freak out too much, but am not happy that my cell phone is also in the car so I have to leave Stephan and run back into the gym to use a phone. I am a bit on the frazzled side by now as I’m asking to use a phone to call OnStar. After getting the instructions to dial 9 first and being pointed in the direction of a phone I pick up the phone and dial 1-800-4-ONSTAR only to discover that is not the right number. I’m about to panic since I have no idea what the number is, 1-866, 1-888??? So I decide to call Andy. He’s always rescued me from being locked out before, why not now? Thankfully he answers his cell and say’s he’ll call OnStar.

So I run back out to the car and peek in at Stephan who is happy as a lark drinking his milk and watching mommie make goofy faces and wave at him. Thank God he wasn’t screaming and scared. After about a minute goes by the doors unlock and I’M IN!! What a relief. The only other times we’ve used OnStar were to demonstrate their sevices to friends and maybe once or twice to have them make sure the doors were lokced after we went into a restaurant and couldn’t remember locking the car.

I’m so glad we have that service now. You seriously never know what can happen. Like I was paying enough attention to realize that in Stephan’s button pushing he locked the doors?? So yay, we are fine and safe and happy. I’ll keep paying my $ to OnStar and for at least a few months I won’t complain about how expensive I think it is because having a locksmith come out and burning up all that gas would have been quite expensive, let alone worriesome with a toddler in the car.


Author: AngieK

My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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