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Belated Father’s Day Tribute

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I’ve got two boys who are both wonderful, but this is for my hubby.

Fatherhood, like most things in life, is both instinctive and learned (nature & nurture, genetics & environment … however you want to phrase it). There are things that come naturally to dads that come because they are male and come from their personalities and how they approach life. There are other things that shape the fathers they become, learning from their own fathers, grandfathers, and other men in their life the nuts and bolts of being a father … for better or worse.

My post in honor of my hubby starts here for two reasons. One, he had a great teacher/mentor in his own father. He was parented well (yes, credit must also go to his mother as well!) and that has a huge impact on what he knows of being a father. The other is that my hubby’s personality and approach to life, that fatherly instinct, plays a huge part in who our son is and the kind of man he will become.

I’ve posted about Stephan before. He’s a wonderful little boy. Sure he’s got my blue eyes, is most likely going to be a lefty, and has my stubborn streak; but he’s got Andy’s chin, his genius brains, and best of all, his laid-back, easy-going personality. The foundation of personality mixed with seeing and learning how his dad goes through life and knowing that his daddie loves him unconditionally will be such a wonderful influence to his growing up and being a strong, confident young man, and possibly, future father.

Here are some of the reasons that my hubby earns “DADDIE OF THE YEAR”

©       He is always calm and patient, even when mommie is freaking out about the latest drama of raising a little boy or being a mom.

©       He never complains about helping out. He works hard all day and has a long commute but still comes home ready to spend time with Stephan and give me a much needed break. He does several chores around the house too.

©       Even when he may not agree 100% with what I think is the right “parenting decision” he supports me 100%. He’ll have discussions with me and work out what is the best thing to do for our family.

©       He is very caring and takes wonderful care of us when we get the sickies. He also cuddles away Stephan’s ouchies quite well.

©       There is always a level of understanding when it comes to buying clothes and stuff for Stephan, as well as when I have bad days and moments that need a listening ear.

©       He always points out the positive and tells both Stephan and I that he loves us. He also encourages me when I’m down by reminding me that Stephan also loves me, though Stephan is getting better and better at letting me know that himself!

©       When he comes home, Stephan becomes a total daddie’s boy. He adores his daddie and that comes because he knows his daddie also adores him. Even when he’s exhausted after work Andy will set his things down and play with Stephan, giving him his full attention.

I LOVE YOU ANDY!! Thanks for being a wonderful husband and father!


Author: AngieK

My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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