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Weekend Anniversary Getaway

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So we had a great weekend away this past weekend. Sorry, that’s a bit redundant. Oh well. Took forever to get up to Loveland where we ate dinner with Andy’s parents and then dropped Stephan off and drove up to the mountains to stay in Estes Park at The Stanley. (Yes, they love and promote all the hype of The Shining and to a lesser extent Dumb & Dumber. They sell both movies and Stephen King’s book and other various paraphernalia in the gift shop). Check out the slideshow here.

The hotel was beautiful and it was fun to stay in yet another historic hotel, but the service wasn’t what I’d expect from a “fancy” hotel. We’ve apparently been spoiled staying at The Drake, The Cliff House and The Brown Palace. They are always wishing you a happy anniversary/honeymoon and doing special things when they make up your room. Not so at The Stanley. The woman Andy called to make dinner reservations at the hotel was all conspiratorial and then no one said anything or made a big deal about our anniversary once we got there. Bummer. Our fancy dinner in the restaurant was delish. We started with some salads since they had anchovies on the Cesar (Andy LOVES that) and I got a salad with pomegranate and some other dried fruits with other tasty stuff I don’t remember. I had elk medallions with some HUGE asparagus and butternut squash mashed like potatoes with some yummy seasonings and Andy got some fettuccine in garlic sauce with divine scallops. Dessert was blueberry bread pudding for Andy and raspberry and mango sorbet for me. We were super stuffed after!

We also enjoyed wandering around Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) on both Saturday and Sunday. We didn’t do any major hikes since it was a bit on the chilly side but enjoyed wandering around the Alleuvial Fan, which is my favorite part of the park since it’s one giant waterfall, and driving around to see the scenery and snap a few pics. Check out the slideshow here.

Of course we also spent a considerable amount of time wandering around Estes Park and checking out all the shops. Enjoyed a couple nice breakfasts out at a local restaurant and at The Egg & I which is a chain but still tasty. We ate pizza for lunch on Saturday at Andy’s favorite restaruant since childhood, Bob & Tony’s. Pretty tasty pizza. Got Andy some caramel corn and I got a blizzard at DQ since the ice cream shops don’t make all the advertized flavors in the winter. Bummer for me. But it was the BEST blizzard and the people who own the shop were super nice and they had apparently just opened, a week early according to the EP gossip. We even bought some girl scout cookies and strawberries from the grocery store and had a little dessert picnic in the hotel room. Never made it to the movies since there wasn’t anything we wanted to pay to go see. Another bummer but we’ll have to try and get to the movies sometime soon when it’s worth spending the $$, like Indiana Jones or something.

Think that’s about it. We wrapped in Loveland, went to lunch at Chili’s and then shopping. I got some great clothes from LB and we got two new toys for Stephan at Target, one for now, one for the airplane ride to FL next week. I had really wanted to post my engagement story since the whole anniversary thing and we went to RMNP and all but I need to get to bed. Maybe tomorrow since all this online job app stuff is taking most of Stephan’s naptimes away from my blogging time.


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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