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a great weekend

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Friday night I went on a walk with a friend and then after we went to dinner with our hubbies. We had a wonderful time getting to know each other better (they are a couple who joined our small group several months ago and live a few buildings away from us). While at dinner Stephan decided to start drinking from a straw. Usually he’d take water from a straw if we held it in his mouth but never actually got the idea of sucking from a straw to get out the water himself. That was an exciting first. Especially since he’s not a fan of ANY sippy cup we’ve tried yet and I’m sick of shelling out money for cups he won’t drink from. SO … since he started drinking from a straw we went to target today and got Nuby’s Flip-it Vari-Flo Straw Cup.


After checking the cup out a little he drank water our if it at dinner … more water than he’s ever drank from any sippy cup, those usually end up tossed on the floor repeatedly! Hopefully he will continue to drink from the straw cup and we can begin to transition away from the bottle. I’ve not been stressing about that too much but it’s always in the back of my head that I need to transition him away from the bottle.

Saturday morning we went to breakfast at Wendy’s and on to Target to grocery shop. Nothing too exciting. After putting all the groceries away Kristin and I went for another walk, this time without the stroller so we tackled the “nasty hill” and got in a pretty good walk. Nice, because I get to know her better and get in a good walk too! After coming home the hubby made some tasty sandwiches for lunch and we headed out so he could do his little side job (I witness some documents so Stephan and I tagged along and he ate his lunch of strawberries, a new favorite, and cheerios; he also played with some toys and got into stuff in the conference room also J). After that we met with our financial planner, not longer a completely terrifying thing since we seen to have gotten some control over that and last month for once we were “in the black.”

After getting home we had dinner and some tasty ice cream bar ice cream. We then ran out to finish our Saturday errands. Last night when I was trying to sit down at the computer I stepped on one of Stephan’s toys and sat down on the chair funny so it broke, one of the legs with the wheels just snapped in half. We are trying to find a decently prices replacement. Before checking out what they have at Sam’s tomorrow we decided to go to Office Depot since we can at least take in our empty ink cartridges and save $3. Found a one day special that actually was for Sunday, a $199 chair for $99. Maybe that would be the way to go??

The best part of our Saturday errands, aside from sharing a vanilla chai/latte and walk around the mall with my hubby, stopping at the Christian bookstore. BEST DEAL EVER! We went for a book I wanted to get for someone that was on sale and I saw this tiny DVD player near the register and said something to Andy about how that was the size we needed for our other TV and the cashier said it was FREE with the purchase of two movies … and the $5 special DVDs counted. So, for $10 we got a DVD player and two movies, one for Stephan and one we’ll use as a Christmas gift since someone we know really likes it! After the 20% off coupon an the sales the receipt said we saved $75.28. Seriously! We only spent $15!! Totally insane.

Saturday evening ended with Chuck, one of our new favorite shows on TV. On to Sunday. ICKY time change … everything is off. I got Andy to agree to wake up early if Stephan did and let me sleep in, in exchange I’d change all the diapers in the nursery.

So I slept in a little but still woke up long before we needed to head to church and was a little bummed Sam’s had not business hours on Sunday. We made it through our stint in the nursery and that was about all we could handle, Stephan was visibly exhausted after an early morning and no nappy so we went to Sam’s and got our water and a few other things. No chair. With what they had we figured the chair at Office Depot would be our best bet.

After Stephan’s nappy we went to get the chair and while I initially put the chair together wrong all is well now and it rocks! So comfy and such a good deal. We had four recyclable ink cartridges so we used three on the chair and the other on new ink cartridges. I CAN FINALLY PRINT FROM HOME AGAIN!!! YAY!!!

So while the Bronco game was awful and there were are few other yucky spots to Sunday overall the weekend was great and I’m already looking forward to the next one. Especially since the Amazing Race is back on again!! That is the best show on TV and I’m excited to see how things go this season.


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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