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Here’s a smattering of things I’ve been thankful for lately but haven’t posted about.

     Probably one of the biggest things is that we were able to go to MN. I’m so thankful for the time with our family, especially our grandparents! We have been wanting to go to MN for quite some time since it’s been probably about three years since we had gone back but when we had the time off we couldn’t afford plane tix or gas for the drive. While hearing that Andy’s grandpa wasn’t doing well was a bummer, we are so thankful God provided some extra work so we had the ability to pay for gas and hotel rooms and food along the trek!

     I’m also grateful that we were able to visit with our grandparents. We could tell Grandpa wasn’t doing well but were blessed to have some great conversations and he loved meeting his great-grandson, as did my gram. Grandpa was quite concerned however that I wasn’t getting enough sleep. He commented several times (due to memory issues or utter concern) that Stephan was “very active” and “keeps you busy” and would then ask if I “slept when he took naps.” No matter how much I assured him that Stephan sleeps pretty good at night and I do nap when he does if I need to, he was still very concerned. I think just watching Stephan run around and get into everything made him tired! My Aunt Steph told me that her oldest was the same way. Go, go, go and then just crash when it was bedtime. We agreed that snuggly times are precious since they often only come when sick or tired.

     When in MN we stayed with Aunt Ginny & Uncle Ken who have been home several years after being evacuated from the Congo where they were missionaries for several years. Great down to earth people who will do anything for you and are wonderful examples of living and loving as Christ showed us when he walked upon the earth. I’m thankful they made us several dinners so we didn’t have to spend as much money eating out and let us take over their basement for a week.

     Finally, I’m thankful for safe travels to and from MN. We had a few long days on the road but Stephan was a trooper and WE MADE IT!!

     I’m also thankful for good reading. I’ve read the final Yada Yada Prayer Group installment yesterday while Andy was driving, and while I’m sad the series has ended since I’ve learned a lot from the ladies in the books, I’m looking forward to Neta’s next book/series. I also read for women only which was a great book about what men are thinking and what they need from us as wives and mothers and my hubby and I started reading through Love & Respect. While sometimes I am frustrated by the generalizations I’ve learned so much about my hubby and what he needs that I’ve been clueless about and hence not providing for him. We are only through the first part of L&R and I think after our initial read through together will head out and buy the study guide for some material to help us take these concepts deeper and really understand each other better. I’m thankful for resources that came along during a season in my marriage where I really needed to understand some things and make some changes. I also hope to pull together two couples who are engaged and share this book with them from the start of their marriage, not seven and a half years into it!! Like the author of L&R says these concepts won’t automatically give you a perfect marriage but with a little effort can give you the tools to have a fabulous one! Here’s to keeping that courtship love alive!!

     I love to read and have also been excited about my new devotional Bible. So far the devotions have been great and I’m thankful for a little encouragement at getting my quite time back. There have been great insights and questions that I’ve thought about and what can I say … I’m thankful for birthday cash!

     So good to be home again. I’m thankful my friend took great care of my cat while we were gone. Graycie was very affectionate when we returned and quite obnoxious during the night, but she is a sweetheart. She snuggled up in Stephan’s blankies in his crib while we were gone. She must have missed him since she usually snuggles up in our bed. She also let him pet her and sat right next to him on the couch last night … I was impressed. I’m thankful that the person parked in our spot last night was easily located and moved his car so we didn’t have to deal with towing him and were able to bring in all our crap more easily. I usually get so frustrated but my friend had called and said that she’d seen a truck in our spot so I was prepared. I’m thankful my chiropractor was open and got me all snapped back into place after the long drives in the car and different beds for a week. He even used a fancy massage tool to loosen up my muscles. I’m thankful I slept in my own bed last night. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling?

     Finally, I’m thankful that my hubby’s working his butt off today after driving all day yesterday. I’m sure he’s tired and wishes he was somewhere else and maybe even wishes we’d left on Saturday and he could have had a day off before going back to work but he’s back to the grindstone and not complaining about it either.

     I’m also thankful that I had a week off work … but that will make it all the tougher to go back tomorrow and be focused and productive and efficient.


Author: AngieK

My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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