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all about stephan: moving backward, climbing & building a vocabulary

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Stephan has mastered the art of walking backward and loves to do so. It’s pretty funny to watch him start walking backward and then walk into something. He looks so surprised he can’t back up any farther. He’s also perfected crawling backward, something he’s picked up since having practice going backward down the stairs at the sitters (I live in a condo with the only stairs being outside).

On top of walking and crawling backward, Stephan is beginning to realize just how tall he is. He can grab things off the dining table and if he takes the pillows off the couch he can use climb on top of them and then climb onto the couch. He’s gotten so good at climbing on the couch that most of the time he doesn’t even need the pillows anymore. I think I won’t be able to trap him much longer since yesterday he climbed up on the end table and was prime for escape. He’s been doing this all morning too and had several time-outs. Unfortunately once he’s able to escape completely then he has access to the computer and there’s no easy way to childproof the computer desk/area without getting a new piece of furniture we can’t afford right now. He adores electronics like mom and dad but I’m not ready for him to break the mouse, scanner, keyboard or play with all the cords. I’ll have to keep thinking about ways to keep him from playing with the computer and hopefully by the time he gets his escape route I’ll have a plan.

On a more fun note, Stephan has several words in his growing vocabulary. Most are only said when prompted, and who knows how much he understands what the words he says mean, but we love getting him to say new things. He’s been saying “mama” and “daddie” for a while and though he doesn’t say it much anymore we think his first word was “ca[t]” since he was always enamored with Graycie. “Door” which comes out more like “doh” was a favorite word since he started opening and closing doors. And he uses a similar sound for dog. He also learned “uh-oh” quickly since he likes to knock things over and throw things from his crib/high chair/playpen. Recently he started saying “up” when he wants to be picked up. Daddie started practicing baseball or “ba ball” since the Rockies are doing so well and so he’s expanded his use of the word ball. I just started working on “nana” and “papa” since he sees them often. Figured nana would be easy since he’s got “nah” down (he often uses that for no) and once in the car he was saying “babababa” so I guessed papa wouldn’t be much harder and he caught on pretty quick. We are still working on cracker and cheese. I know what he’s saying when he says it but maybe I’m just being overly hopeful too. Still, it’s quite fun when he learns new words and makes steps toward talking with words and not just babbling.


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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