The Life & Times of Mommiehood

Here I am finding my way through uncharted waters.

sicky, sunday, selfish

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since most things are better in threes:

sicky~ stephan is a little under the weather. he’s got a mild fever and so at times is a little cranky and is eating and sleeping different. things are a little rough when he is cranky and you can’t do much to console him. i’m thankful the fever isn’t too high and he is hydrated (i know this due to the multiple wet diapers) and most of the time is chipper too. it all may be due to his shots this past tuesday, but who knows.

sunday~ i missed church this morning to stay home with stephan since we couldn’t take him to the nursery and our sunday school class isn’t as fun for him. andy went to sunday school class and brought me home some coffee from the coffee shop. yum.

selfish~ that’s me right now. messing around on my blogs while andy hangs out with stephan. course he’s playing and watching the simpsons so maybe we’re both being a little selfish.


Author: AngieK

My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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