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Vacations & Birthday Parties

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Phew! I’ve been gone for just a few days and it seems like a week has gone by. Before I left I was running around a little crazy trying to get everything done. There was a lot to get ready for Stephan’s birthday party the afternoon we came back and of course packing for the trip. We got everything packed and while we left a little later than we wanted to on Thursday this turned out to be a very good thing.

Day One: My husband went up to Breck for a conference and I tagged along for some fun and relaxing. (Nice since the hotel and dinners were all paid for by his boss!) So we left our house about 4pm and, as hoped, Stephan slept for the whole hour and few minutes drive up. This was great. He really likes his new car seat that allows him to face forward and while awake is a little chatterbox. Dinner wasn’t till 7:30pm – super late for us – but there was a meet’n’greet at someone’s cabin at 5pm so we figured we’d make that, though barely, and get a little snack so we weren’t starving by dinner. When we finally all made it back to the hotel for dinner they were clueless. Had no idea about the reservation and only two cooks were on staff at the time, one designated for room service! So dinner for the 40 or so of us took forever. We were glad that Stephan was a trooper, and that his nap had been later in the afternoon too! He played with his toys, ate some cheerios and a few small pieces of noodles when my shrimp alfredo came. Several people enjoyed meeting Stephan and he was a little shy at first, but then a real charmer as usual. When we finally made it back to our room Stephan went to bed and slept great in his pack’n’play, something that is a bit abnormal – we were grateful since our beds were uncomfortable and it took a while to fall asleep.

Day Two: I was exhausted since we had gotten to bed late and not slept well. Despite the “alpine environment” our hotel room was quite toasty and there was no AC due to said “alpine environment.” Once Stephan woke up I just decided to be lazy and have a nice relaxing morning. When he took his nap, I napped too. I tried to figure out how to get online but that was a waste of time. It worked for about 1o seconds and then their system went on the fritz and after that started working again our wireless card pooped out and wouldn’t work at all. Boy would I love a new laptop! The only thing Stephan and I did was head to the grocery store for some lunch. I was glad they do the same chicken meal deal they do at home on Friday’s up in the mountains where it always seems like everything is more expensive. Nice to have some things the same. Of course we had another late dinner, but I was looking forward to this one, so I purposely bumped Stephan’s afternoon nap back as late as I could. We headed out around 6pm to go to the fondue restaurant at the top of Keystone Mountain. I’ve always wanted to go in the winter time and take the sleigh ride up to the restaurant, but I digress. After everyone finally arrived we were allowed on the gondola (which Stephan enjoyed) and, after two gondola rides up, we enjoyed a very long, very yummy fondue dinner. I’m not a huge fan of Swiss cheese so the first course wasn’t my favorite but the apples and veggies were good and the cheese fondue wasn’t too bad either. It was after this course that I realized we’d be at the restaurant for a while. The time in between courses seemed to take forever and then the meat course consisted of meat and seafood that we had to cook ourselves. Thank goodness this included some cheese that, while not Colby jack or cheddar, Stephan loved. The cheese kept him occupied and happy. Several people commented that we had the best baby and couldn’t believe how good he was doing. We were glad he hung in there and very happy for the cheese! What I really waited for was the dessert course. I LOVE CHOCOLATE and dipping fruit in … what could be better? We even got some milk chocolate fondue at our table which was just perfect. Course when all was said and done we were just leaving the restaurant a little after ten. And you have to take the two gondolas back down. Stephan fell asleep about ¾ of the way down the second gondola ride and stayed asleep on the walk back to the car and the ride back to the hotel. We got back around 11pm and I nursed him and we laid him down and went to bed ourselves.

Day Three: I was tired again of course, but I decided not to let that deter me from a nice walk around Breck. I love window shopping on Main St. and enjoying the cute mountain town. I also had a mission to see if a shop still had a set of my Beartivity III, since in searching online for the price I discovered they are coming out with new designs for 2007 and I needed to finish my nativity so I had all the wise men! They did, thank goodness, so my collection’s complete. After an hour long walk where Stephan slept a little we went back to the room and relaxed. Stephan took a three hour afternoon nap! I read for a couple hours and then fell asleep myself for an hour or so. This night’s dinner was boxed lunch style at a rock concert. We went, ate dinner, and left as the concert started since we weren’t sure how Stephan would handle the loud music. He got some time on the park swings with a stunning view of Lake Dillon and the surrounding mountains and then we headed back so Andy could walk around Main St. some too. Breck’s concert of the night was an orchestra playing music from Hollywood. I think we would have enjoyed that more than the rock concert but tickets were probably more expensive! We finally got to bed at a reasonable hour.

Day Four, Party Time: We woke up and ditched the planned hike for the swimming pool since Stephan loves that and we needed to have time to pack so we could get home in time for Stephan’s party. I was hoping Stephan would sleep the whole drive back home and then also nap some at our friend’s house (they hosted the party for us since they have a great back yard and we don’t). However, Stephan must have sensed the excitement or something because he only slept for 45 minutes in the car and wouldn’t nap at our friend’s house. Again, he was a trooper, in spite of the lack of sleep. He made it through the party and was happy and playful. No great cake-on-the-face picture. Instead he tossed most of the cake on the ground and looked utterly disgusted by it! Guess Stephan need a little more practice before the big day. At least all the adults thought my cake tasted great. He got some good loot though some books and toys and even an outfit. I was glad when everything was over and we got to go home. Stephan fell asleep on the way home. It was lots of fun to open his toys and let him play some before bedtime. I had an awful headache, maybe because of the heat and maybe because I hadn’t been drinking enough water, whatever the reason it SUCKED!

This Morning: Stephan and I went to the zoo and on the way home I went to my chiropractor. I’ll drink more water today too. Anything to avoid another awful headache. Sucks when even Tylenol does nothing for you.


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My husband Andrew and I have been married for fourteen years and love living in Colorado! Eight years ago I became a mommie to an awesome little boy and four years ago to my precious little girl. The past few years have been a whirlwind.

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